▶ Kidnapped Cousins: Domestic Human Trafficking – YouTube

This is not a new video. I believe it dates back to 2005 and that is why I am using it for this article. Human trafficking in the United States has been going on for a long time. But it seems as though there has been a dramatic increase in occurrence within the past few years. Our subject video tells us of two cousins kidnapped while walking to a local fast food restaurant. Only six miles from home, on the other side of town they are forced to become prostitutes while their parents search desperately to find them. Nine days later they have been transported out of state to continue as prostitutes.

I cannot continue telling the story without telling the story that is better told by them in the video.



In America, so few people realize that this is going on in their very own neighborhood and poses a serious threat to young people everywhere. In this case a pimp and two older prostitutes controlled these children throughout their experience. Through threats towards the girls themselves and their families the girls are forced to comply with the demands of the kidnappers.

The Police response to this situation is horrifying to say the least, taking 7 months to file charges against the kidnappers for their crimes. It was a very poor situation.

The reason I bring this case to your attention, is because this is happening all over America today. Somebody you know will possibly be a victim to these crimes. Talk to your children. Tell them. Tell them how to protect themselves. And most of all, if rescued, tell them you love them . . .

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