MMA Fighter Reportedly Fights Off 4 Gang Members in Home Invasion, Killing 1 | Bleacher Report

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MMA Fighter Reportedly Fights Off 4 Gang Members in Home Invasion, Killing 1 | Bleacher Report


Our subject story tells us about an MMA Fighter that has to deal with a home-invasion situation in which four thugs invade his home with ill intent towards he and his family. He decides to fight. 1 killed, 1 seriously injured, and two ran. Now, local officials are considering prosecution of him for defending himself and his family.

What a bunch of crap. He did not invite them into his home. I do not care what your credentials, pro fighter, karate kid, joe tough guy, local cop, or street kid, if someone is in your castle with ill intent, you get to defend your castle. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. What are these people thinking? Should he have just stood by and allowed his family be further endangered? It is time the criminal world realize that everyone is starting to fight back.  We are tired of standing by watching our things taken, our properties abused, and our  loved ones harmed. Our Government may cooperate with criminals by taking our weapons, but that won’t stop us.

In actuality,  the recent past has demonstrated that the US Citizen is taking a more active roll in suppression of crime by fighting back. It may stem from so many having so little that in desperation they would rather fight than lose what little they have, but much of America is not taking abuse and crime as they did in the past. The only exception is the wrongs committed by government itself. Most rights violations by Law Enforcement goes unchallenged, Courts unethical actions go unchallenged, and Government lies and abuses go unchallenged because the People can not afford to create such challenge. America needs a “hero” to stand against these issues, because for too many people there are too many issues to overcome just making it through the day to do anything about it themselves.

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