Nancy Grace: Do you want your babysitter on pot? |

Why can’t she just stick to annoying murderers and baby rape’s?

Nancy Grace: Do you want your babysitter on pot? |


Nancy Grace the sensationalist devil’s advocate that will annoy the shit out of anyone with a lick of common sense is our subject story. It seems she has a problem with the legalization of marijuana. Why doesn’t she have a problem with the negligent waste of billions of tax dollars per year, the promotion of criminal enterprise, and the thousands of people whose lives have by lost or stolen by prohibition for the past more than 40 years? Why doesn’t she have a problem with the fact our Government lied to the whole Country over the whole marijuana issue and foreign countries actually had to discover the potential medical uses for marijuana?

The issue that concerns me the most, is that for more than 40 years Politicians have not done a damn thing to correct drug usage issues except what they chose to do. They are elected to office to represent the People. But, no matter what the People say or do, the Politicians are doing what they want to do with almost any issue in this Country, when most often it is not their decision to make. What good is a politician that makes decisions contrary to the voice of the People? Why elect him if he is going to act without consideration of what the People have to say? This is the story Nancy!

As for the rest of Nancy’s story; Do I want my babysitter on pot? No Nancy, I do not want my babysitter on pot  . . . Or, coke, booze, cigarettes, coffee, candy, or her boyfriends penis while babysitting my or anyone else’s children. Nor, do I support drug usage. But, as a full grown adult citizen of this country I should have the right of choice if I want to smoke marijuana, suck a booze bottle, or sit like a couch potato listening to your non-stop sensationalism of criminal acts. For more than 40 years our Government made the choice of prohibition and destroyed millions of peoples lives, by their own decision, not the voice of the People. If I were family of anyone along the border killed by a cartel, I would be suing the United States for my loss because we are responsible for the cartels, the violence, and the growth of such criminal enterprise. The financial status of this country could be corrected and the national debt resolved just by taking the money spent on the war on drugs and paying  our debts.

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