Is pot addictive? Two doctors debate

Too Stupid . . .

Is pot addictive? Two doctors debate


In this subject video two doctors argue the position that marijuana is addictive. This is almost too stupid a conversation to participate in.

No generation to date has as much “hands on” experience with marijuana as my generation. We almost as an entire nation lit up and smoked a portion of our young lives away to Rock Music and Free Love.  40 years later, how many of us are addicted to marijuana? Pot is NOT addictive. Pot is a habit that can interfere with your life should you allow it to. And, if you as an adult are stupid enough to let pot or any other drug stop you from living your life, you are a dipshit, but not addicted to Pot.  I know youngsters today that claim they cannot cope without pot. They are stupid, but not addicts. If Pot were addictive, there would not be a person in America today that wasn’t an addict because every Government Official, Peace Officer, Attorney, Actor, and many many more have at least tried marijuana more than once. If they claim they haven’t, they’re lying. Years ago in hiring interviews the question of doing drugs was routine. The applicant that said he didn’t at least try marijuana, was considered not truthful.

Most of us matured and moved on to the struggles of life and family, working our nine to five jobs and watching the American Dream little by little disappear. But, some of our friends got caught up in bullshit after having been arrested for possession of weed or  for simply smoking a joint. Their lives were destroyed. They ended up losers for the rest of their lives.

During the past 40 or so years I have observed thousands of people killed over drugs. Some Law Enforcement, some criminal, but most just because they got caught up in bullshit as innocent by-standers. This is because our prohibition of drugs created a criminal empire to provide drugs to those so inclined. Drug Dealers, Cartels, and Gangs took control of the drug market. And, as is with most anything criminal controlled violence came with it. Do not think for a moment that the United States is not responsible for the deaths of many people that should not have been killed. We created the market, the violence, and the deaths just by prohibition.

The next obvious crime committed because of our prohibition is our Government’s failure to properly conduct testing and allow research into the effects and dangers of drugs. Our Government made it so difficult for Researchers and Scientists to do such research that foreign countries were the best choice for research to be done. Thus instead of our country conducting responsible research and disseminating accurate and truthful information to the American people, they chose to lie. And, they continue to lie to this day

Marijuana is not addictive regardless the lies you choose to believe. People that do not want you to have a choice to buy pot are doing their best to say otherwise, but it is not true. Some would argue coffee addictive. No, coffee is a habit. Marijuana can become a habit. Habits change, addiction does not. 

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