▶ Never Get Busted Again – Part 1 – Traffic Stops – YouTube

If you have questions regarding the recreational use of marijuana. Pay attention to the statement made by President Jimmy Carter that the guy in the video tells you about. This guy is an ex-cop that  has put hundreds of people in jail. This is America today. This is what our Government does to it’s citizens. For over forty years this Country has abused it’s citizens without fear of reprisal for their actions. We, the American citizen have allowed these abuses to go unchecked for far too long. 


People do not believe this type of abuse exists by our Government. But if you pay attention at all you will see people losing homes, vehicles, money and more under new laws allowing the seizure of property for suspected drug activity, without conviction. Most Courts nation-wide fail to recognize “Statute of Limitation” laws by writing their own laws that allow them to circumvent these laws to take peoples money. And, if you have not received a traffic citation lately and failed to respond to it you will be amazed that the infraction to misdemeanor will follow you longer than many felony criminal arrests, because contrary to law, the Courts want your money more than they want to adhere to the intent of the law.

To further compound the abuse buy our Government, most the people subjected to this abuse are minority and/or financially challenged limiting their ability to defend themselves in a Court of Law.

This is what used to be our America . . . 

I  am sorry I must add an edit to this posting: I, in no way support drug usage. My interests in this topic is an end to the Government doing what the Government chooses to do regardless the voice of the People. I am frustrated by the abuse of the American Citizen by our Government and the harm caused to lives because our Government chose to lie to the American People rather than do the research they should have. In my opinion, every Elected Official in Office today, needs to be voted out of Office at the bext election for that Office, because not a single Politician in Office today is doing their job in representation of the People they are charged to serve.

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