Man pleads guilty to misdemeanor after teen claimed rape –

Isn’t this another case of Affluenza?

Man pleads guilty to misdemeanor after teen claimed rape –


Our subject story tells us about a couple of young girls, 13 and 14 years of age, that sneak out of their house to go hang out with some boys. They get to drinking and then the girls are subjected to being raped and then dumped outside their home in below freezing temperatures. When the mother finds the 14 year old she is barely alive out in the cold. They take it to the Police, but because one of the boys is the son of a prominent politician the case gets screwed up. In the interim the whole town turns against the girl’s families and the girls are subjected to all sorts of abuse and harassment. One of the girl’s family moves from the area just to have their home burnt down. Due to social outcry in social media the case is picked up by a second Prosecutor and brought to the Court.

In a Plea Bargain the boy gets off with a misdemeanor  for the Rape charge and is sentenced to a slap to his hand and an apology to the girls. If that “little prick” would have been me or anyone I know, our testicles would be hanging from a tree in one of the girl’s yards and we wouldn’t see daylight for at least 20 years. Is this what “affluence” is. Can we count on all of the wealthy getting sentences that are simple slaps on the wrists for serious felony crimes. This little prick caused so much pain to this little girl. The whole town treated the girl’s family like shit, burns their house down, and made social media be the weighing factor for prosecution for the boy’s offenses. And, he admits to the crime and gets a slap on the wrist and an obligation to tell the girl’s he is sorry.

What a bunch of shit. The Court should be charged with a “conspiracy” violation for helping the boys escape real prosecution for a crime that they should have been tried and convicted as an adult. If you believe there is justice in America’s Courts you are stupid as a brick.  This has got to be another case of “I am special, my folks have money, my daddy is important so I do not have to play by the same rules as everybody else”, Affluenza. Affluenza was the justification for letting another youngster off after he got drunk and killed four people. The Court agreed that the youngsters parents had so much money that they never set limits for the boy, so he got away with murdering four other people while driving drunk.

Have you ever felt like the “Good Old Boy” network was about to cash in on all the rest of us?

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