Swearing toddler in ‘thug’ video taken into protective custody – CNN.com

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s story

Swearing toddler in ‘thug’ video taken into protective custody – CNN.com


Our subject story tells us about an infant that was part of yesterday’s story about the child running off obscenities like a seasoned sailor and shooting the “bird” at one of the unseen persons in the video has been removed from the home along with four other children.

My issue with this situation stems from the criticism of the Police Officer’s Association that posted the video to their web site noting the conduct likely to lead to adversity for the child. If you as an adult cannot see the seeds of anti-social and racist behavior being planted in this child’s head, you should not be allowed to bear children. Actually, it may have been a better action had the Police of arrested the involved persons for acts supportive of hate crimes and violence for which there is no specific law for such a crime yet that I know of. But, those people teaching that child that conduct is sure to lead to nothing good for the child. Maybe, those involved should be charged with “child endangerment” for which there are laws.

There is absolutely no excuse for children to be taught how to misbehave or learn anything of hate at any age. There are enough instances in a child’s life that will allow them to form their own opinions and beliefs. Nobody needs to make it appear that being “bad” is cool. This type of conduct is what is causing our young to accept being idiots as being cool. And, it is being taught to our children by little gangsters  and fools. The days when I child grows up to be a self sufficient man/woman that was honest and could stand on their own have passed, and in it’s wake is what we have today. Everybody is a little thug. It is cool to lie, cheat, and steal, because their peers ( a bunch of losers and idiots ) say it is. Our children are more influenced by the “thugs” running around than ever a Drug Dealer or a Pimp that had the roll of cash and the nice cars.

There is little a parent working all day while their child is influenced by others. Here is some information and some downloadable stuff that may give parent a better understanding of how gangs and thugs are infecting our children and risking our children’s lives and futures. COPS

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