The Cure For Affluenza . . .

Image There is a cure for “Affluenza”. Affluenza, the recent human mental handicap used in Court as a defense for a youngster’s killing four people while driving drunk. In a nut-shell; He was from a wealthy family that because of their affluent status no boundaries were set on the child’s conduct, thus the boy did not know how to act right. But, contrary to public belief there is a cure.

The cure for Affluenza is a cure for all those effected by it. Because, not only the original infected are affected by it. Take the case described above. In this case multiple people were infected by this abnormality:

  • The Younster that did the crime was infected.
  • The Shrink that came up with the Afflunza theory
  • The Defense Attorney that came up with the Affluenza defense.
  • And, the Judge that accepted the Affluenza defense.

How all these people can be effected by this one abnormality is beyond me, or is it? What is the one thing likely common to all of these people? They all are likely affluent. So, this is simple. Those that have a decent bank account believe themselves “better” than those that struggle pay check to pay check. Hell, this is not a new story.

But let’s cure this:

  • First we have to get responsible Judges in our Courts and the Court must operate fairly for all before it. I know that numerous Courts have heard the defense that because the offender had very few opportunities in life because he was raised in a poor environment, he was not responsible for his conduct. But, I have yet to hear of a case where because the family was poor the offender was not sent to prison for killing someone. As a matter of fact, I do not believe I have ever heard of anyone less than affluent that was not sent to prison for vehicular manslaughter. The cure need start from the top down in this case. If this Judge is saying that it is okay to drive drunk and kill people because you have money, then fairness dictates recognition of the opposite. Think about this fairly. Who has more reason to be drunk in the first place. the guy who has money or the guy that doesn’t? 
    • But, would the aforementioned have a snowball effect that because of this Judge’s  ruling should all similar cases be re-heard and sentencing for prior offenses be modified for similar cases? Is this the case now, subsequent to the Judge’s ruling in the case I discuss? Is our Judicial System about to become flooded with the need for review of similar cases to see if they qualify for sentencing under the Affluenza Defense?
  • Okay, we could go through all the necessary modifications to our Legal System, or we could get a Judge that does not manipulate the Law to do his bidding allowing somebody with money to walk on a sentence that for others would have meant at least actual prison time. I note: “Affluenza” is not a recognized mental condition. In the interim remove this Judge from the Bench for conspiracy to the original offenders crimes.
  • Second, somebody is responsible for the deaths of the four people killed in this incident. If the child is not guilty because his parents raised him wrong, then clearly it is a parental responsibility. Why isn’t the boy’s father serving jail time for the crimes of  the child then? See, this stuff does not happen in lower income neighborhoods. The boy were in a lower income family, his ass would be in prison for the maximum allowed for the crime. My point being that the Affluenza Defense does not carry with it responsibility for the crimes committed. What do you mean a parent should not be held liable for the wrongs committed by a juvenile child? Bullshit! You raise your child to be an asshole, you need to be charged with everything he does wrong until adulthood.
  • Third, if the Defense wants to use a medical/mental condition as it’s defense in a criminal matter, the condition must be a recognized condition by the organization of professional shrinks, whatever it is. Just walking into Court and saying someone suffers from “rectal-cranial inversion” as a defense does not work. Society may recognize the condition in many people but it is not a recognized mental condition by the professional organization that certifies a condition as true.

You see, the problem we have is not the “Affluenza” Defense, but a group of people charged with the responsibility of administration of justice that fail to administer that justice fairly and four dead people that cannot be brought back to their lives and loved ones. Therefore, the cure for “Affluenza” is fire the Judge that does not sentence those convicted for their wrongs fairly, regardless of race, religion, sex, and/or wallet. There is no excuse for the affluent getting away with murder. Even they should know the difference between right and wrong . . .


2 thoughts on “The Cure For Affluenza . . .

  1. Hello, this is my first time here, enticed by some cogent comments by you on another blog–a rare and pleasant treat.

    There are so many angles to this case I confess I have avoided becoming too immersed (but don’t worry, a host of other news stories keep me permanently inflamed). I hope national outrage will prevent this ghastly defense from ever being used again, but there will always be deals worked out among the rich. This case is particularly egregious because of the way it was flaunted—all arrogance, no humility.

    The kid didn’t dream this up, the parents and lawyers did. Perhaps the judge has ties to the parents, was intimidated by them, or was paid. We don’t know her reasons but a public explanation is needed (she’s been asked, but says it would be ‘unethical,’ which is as oxymoronic an excuse as ‘affluenza’). But whether the kid gets 20 years jail or 10 years probation, it’s not going to change who he is, if we assume he is so emotionally stunted that he feels nothing. If he does feel guilt, the deaths he caused would have already affected him. (I am in no way defending any of them, I’m just trying to reason it out.)

    But the worst part of this, to me, besides the unspeakable grief, is to further divide the rich from the rest of us in a time where flashmobs with torches seem imminent. For my own self-preservation, I try not to let the rich anger me. I try to imagine their money trickling down to people like me, that they serve a purpose. But violations like this do far more damage than they can imagine. It’s bad for all of us.


    • What bothers me the most was another Court decision in which a rapist of a 14 year old girl got off with probation and the requirement to apologize to the victim.

      There are a lot of other details that make the case disgusting in a civilized society, but it just seems to me like the affluent are certainly getting away with stuff that I would see the inside of a prison for.


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