West Virginia water issue shows how vulnerable we are . . .

We really are this vulnerable . . .

West Virginia water officials study test results after chemical spill – CNN.com

NOTE: The following is intended to simply make you think about the future, at present no panic is necessary . . .


Our subject story discusses the chemical spill affecting W. Virginia’s water supply. This spill has left nine counties without drinkable water impacting at  least 300,000 people. This situation is not being paid attention to by most of America, because if it were we would be demanding the Government do more to protect us. This incident was caused by a leaking storage tank that held the chemical a mile away from the water treatment plant. Approximately 1000 people and 60 animals are noted as having concerns of exposure.

We have all seen movies in which a water system is attacked by some organization bent on causing humans harm, or movies where radioactive waste seeps from barrels illegaly dumped into the ocean, lake, or other that effects our water supply. But, is this possible? Is there reason for concern?

This was not a terrorist attack. This was not a criminal act. This was a common issue with storage of almost any liquid chemical as sooner or later storage tanks start to leak. But, what if it was an act by a party that meant to cause harm to us as a nation? This incident shows just how vulnerable we are to attack through our water supply. Just think about this for a moment. People in the area of the spill in W.Virginia have been advised of the problem and are using alternative water options. But, what about:

  • Animals
  • Crops
  • People unaware of the issue.
  • Fish
  • Birds
  • Insects

I mean we could imagine this situation as a movie to end in a couple different ways. On the light side we could easily imagine half of the Country running around in a “Happy High” and having fun. A little less light maybe would put us at half the Country turned to zombies trying to eat each other for food. And, the ultimate horror might be everyone and everything coming into contact with the water would die. I know, a little wacko but I suppose it is possible.

Are we this vulnerable to attack this way. Can a terrorist organization simply stop by our local reservoir and pour a chemical into our water supply that could cause immediate harm to anyone drinking the water? Our government has demonstrated how our water can have fluoride added to it. Were we to play this scenario in a major city area like San Francisco, how many people could be affected before anyone observes the problem to warn others?

Some of us are confident that our water filtration systems will clear contaminates. Guess what folks, Brita does not clean many of the things that can adversely effect us. Independent water filtration systems do not filter all contaminants so far as I can ascertain. But, some commercial systems and reverse osmosis systems are quite effective in removal of contaminants but from what I have been able to determine from research into such systems, our waste water treatment facilities do not remove all contaminants from our water.

Are we even concerned about such an issue ever arising? I believe our Government is concerned and taking responsible measures to ensure our safety and the safe usage of our water supply. But, what of us as individuals? I mean, look at the current incident. Nine counties, 300,000 affected by contaminated water that our water treatment facilities were able to do nothing about prior to it becoming a threat to humans and animals. The whole situation appears quite frightening when you sit and ponder the possibilities of threat to all living things.

There are technologies that are very successful in removal of known contaminants, and if you have concerns some are affordable home units that you can add to your household water supply.  I see a future where new home construction includes some of these types of systems, or at least some sort of recycling system for household waste water for non-potable usage. But for today for most of us . . . watch what you drink,the water may be dangerous.

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