Officials: Boy opens fire in New Mexico middle school gym, wounding 2 –

How does a 12 year old boy have access to a gun?

Officials: Boy opens fire in New Mexico middle school gym, wounding 2 –

Our subject story discusses a 12 year old boy entering a New Mexico school, pulling out a shotgun and shooting students. The involved school teachers did a great job of handling the situation at risk of their own lives.

But, what is causing a tightening in my groin is how does a 12 year old get access to a gun? HAVE WE NOT LEARNED ANYTHING BY NOW? If you own a gun, lock the damn thing up so no kid can get it. And, I do not care how stable you think your kid is, EVERY KID BETWEEN 10 and 20 IS A FRIGING NUT JOB WAITING TO HAPPEN! Why? Because everything to a kid that age is emotion and how to get the most attention for what you need. I boy will get drunk and throw himself off a bridge because a girl doesn’t like him. A 14 year old girl will have sex with everyone of her cheating ex-boyfriends friends just to get even with him. Little Johnny went to school this morning happy as he could be. But, let somebody mess up Little Johnny’s day and he feel he was treated wrong, Little Johnny has a gun . . . It doesn’t mean every kid is going to be an idiot and start killing others. This means that every kid has the potential, why give him a gun to do it.

And Parents, Johnny didn’t have a gun that he didn’t have to get parental permission to use did he? I’ll bet he did! I wish that the Police would do their damn job and arrest every parent that allows a child access to a gun without the kid having to come to the parent to get it unlocked. It is such a simple inexpensive thing to do. A $10.00 trigger lock on every gun. And, if your youngster wants to use his or your gun, he has to come to you to get it unlocked first.

I care little for parents that do not take responsibility for their children. If you do not understand what Parental Responsibility is, DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN! Every child that becomes a “shooter” in any situation where harm is brought to others, is a child. As a child he is only partially responsible for his actions, you as his parent are responsible for the rest, and the law should hold you to that responsibility. This boy’s parents should be charged with “conspiracy to commit murder” because they gave him the gun by not having it secured from usage by others. And, they SHOULD be prosecuted for it.

Gun Owners: IF YOU HAVE AN UNSECURED WEAPON THAT CAN BE ACCESSED BY ANYONE OTHER THAN YOURSELF AND IT IS USED TO BRING HARM TO OTHERS, you need to be prosecuted just as though you loaded the weapon and handed it to the shooter. It is that simple. If you think you are so fucking intelligent and such a bad ass that you are responsible enough to own a gun, why aren’t you smart enough to stop your gun from being used incorrectly?

Kids: In case your parents aren’t smart enough to lock up their guns or explain to you that you can survive the bullshit you are living in your life, listen to me:

  • There will be plenty of opportunities for you throughout your life to feel like the world sucks, live long and experience them all. Each one is a learning experience and everyone you know will have their share of similar situations.
  • You think some of the other’s have it better than you? Maybe today they do, but everybody has their ups and downs. When adulthood comes, Mr. Big Guy on campus may be pumping gas at the local gas station while you are dating the girl he thought he would be sweet talking. Don’t worry about today, aim for a better tomorrow and do something to make it better.
  • If you got a “Bully” messing up your day, sit him down and talk to him. Invite his parents along so they can join the conversation. Explain to the bully and his parents that you have had enough of his bullshit and if he doesn’t knock his shit off, that one day you might just snap and fuck up his weekend or his life. And, if you do snap . . . DO NOT USE A WEAPON!
  • Parents: If your kid is a bully, it is because you are an asshole and either raised him to be one or you are negligent enough to allow him to be one. Regardless, you are the cause and you need to get off your lame ass and fix it.

Here check out this link . . . How many of these could have been prevented by use of a $10.00 Trigger Lock?


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