You Lying S.O.B. . . .

I HATE LIARS! Seriously! If you have to lie to me,  just STFU, don’t say it. There is nothing that makes a grown man look like a little bitch more than looking someone in the face that trusts you, and you telling a lie. You see, I can handle the truth. I mean, if you were to tell me that you have a bestiality thing going on, or you got arrested for doing it with a stuffed animal . . . If it was the truth it would not end our friendship. I may not let you near my horse or my kids stuffed animals, but I might still be your friend. I just do not need lies. I have been lied to by so many people in my life, not just people, but people I trusted, that I would rather you do not even take the time to talk with me if all you have is lies.

If you are not man enough to tell the truth, then you need to go hang with folks that do not care about you. They will not care if everything you say is a lie. They probably won’t care if they tell you the truth either. At least that way when your lies catch up to you, nobody will be upset. They will probably just laugh at you for being so damn stupid for telling your lies in the first place.

What sucks most about a Liar, is you know he is lying when he lies to you. If he is of no consequence to you, you just brush it off and continue with your day, or tell him he is full of it and to bugger off. But, if he is family or a friend, you tend to let a lie here and there slide hoping they will get their crap together and come clean with you. Seldom does this happen.

At a certain point, everybody reaches their limit of being lied to, being made a fool of, and playing the putz. Usually, the liar finds the next part unpleasant for him. Because this is where your friend or family member tells you that you need to take your lying, disrespectful, two-faced, little con-man ass down the road.

There is hardly ever a time to lie, although I have to admit I have if it was necessary to as the hurt caused by the truth was unreasonable at the time. Like you really should not tell a grieving widow that her husband is dead because he got caught in another man’s bedroom until long after she gets past the initial information that her husband is dead. And, I cannot recall how many goldfish I switched out for my kids fishbowl when one became a “floater.” “Daddy, why is Goldie black and white now?” “Don’t worry honey, it’s just like me getting gray hair as I get older.” But, the need to lie to those that would be there for you if you just told the truth once in a while, DOES NOT EXIST!

Oh, by the way . . . Neither do you. Do Not Let The Door Hit Your Lying Ass On The Way Out!

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