Opinion: Even Lady Gaga knows pot is not harmless – CNN.com

They held it for moderation, so I will discuss it here . . .

Opinion: Even Lady Gaga knows pot is not harmless – CNN.com


I am talking about my comments on this topic on the original CNN report which is our subject story. I tried to respond only to have my response held for moderation by CNN, so I decided to write it here:


What irritates me most about this is “Lady GaGa” the “I was born this way” and her “be what you want to be attitude,” is a sell-out. I mean, not her concert is a sell-out, but she as a person is a sell-out. Here she has an audience of millions eager to listen to what she has to say, and the first important topic she has anything to say about, and she lies. She lies to the millions of young people who trust and follow her like a cult.

GaGa, marijuana is not addictive. Marijuana can become a bad habit leading to being a lazy fool instead of doing life, watching it pass you by. And with marijuana, that is probably the most negative thing that could happen to you. Instead of booze making you aggressive and starting fights, or LSD making you trip your night to really frightening, with marijuana you do not seek violence and contrary to what some would like you to believe, you really do not  find yourself in a realm of fear in the darkness. An active social life, and a mindset for living your life are the preventive measures when you are a marijuana user. The other concern in this situation is the appropriate placement of blame for the aforementioned condition. I do not know who came up with the condition we discuss, but do you know anybody that just sits on their butt, locked in their bedroom, playing video games . . . that wouldn’t be doing exactly that with or without marijuana?

WE have spent more than 40 years in this Country being fed lies by our Government, telling us all the evils of marijuana when they did everything to hinder and/or prevent testing of marijuana by Scientists and Researchers. Marijuana is one of the biggest conspiracy and government fraud stories of the century. But, everyone is just letting it slide by like none of it matters. Do you realize the magnitude of the damage caused by our War On Drugs? I am not just talking about the kids that got in trouble with a joint. I am talking about lives destroyed, long periods of incarceration, no longer have the vote, and a complete loss of your ability to move forward with your life. Even more than that . . . How many people have been murdered, tortured and killed, Killed in the line of duty or killed another person, that are all due to the negligence created by our War On Drugs? What about the cancer patients that use marijuana as a medication? For over 40 years our Government has let people suffer because they wanted to lie to us. If it was someone you love that was suffering, would you not demand that our Government answer for the hurt they caused

One of the things that came with the War On Drugs was an outrageous taxpayer supported budget. DO you really think that the War On Drugs hasn’t been making somebody very rich over the past 40 years of so? Do you understand that the War On Drugs is what created the Cartels, well do you not believe at the same time it created a score of political and wealthy people that realized profit can be made? Where do you thing “Black Ops” money comes from? To see this you have to look at how laws become laws. A law is made not for the protection of people as the hype tells you. Laws are made when somebody figures out how to profit from it. There is not a single law in the United States that does not create profit for someone.

Yes Lady GaGa disappoints me in her lies on this topic. And frankly, could you ever imagine this line of garbage coming out of her mouth unless she was paid to say it? Yes, she sold-out . . .

Oh, I do not support the use of drugs. I do support any efforts to cause this Government answer for their failure to do their jobs, I do support persons of adult age having the right to choose if they do or they don’t. I do support an end to the violence that would immediately have a no reason were drugs legalized. I support the jobs, the growth of small business, the income taxes paid, the resale taxes generated, the families that would be able to have a shot at the American Dream instead of jobless America, and I support our Government having their accounting in the “black” for once with the end of the fraud of the War On Drugs.

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