4-year-old girl shoots and kills 4-year-old cousin, police say – CNN.com

In The Mind Of A Politician . . .

4-year-old girl shoots and kills 4-year-old cousin, police say – CNN.com


Let’s play a game . . . Let’s pretend we are in a country where the Government fears revolution a serious risk. And, let’s pretend that the people have the right to bear arms. The possibility that  the idea of revolution meeting with a right to bear arms, would probably scare the hell out of you. So, if you wanted to lessen the possibility of revolution finding a way to take the guns from the people would be a great idea. But, what if you could achieve the desired result without doing anything?

In a world “ate up” with conspiracy theories finding their way to every newsworthy incident, it is easy to develop a conspiracy theory relative to our Government’s failure to take action relative to the use of firearms by children involved in school shootings. It takes nothing but an active imagination to see that rather than take action to ensure that children do not have access to firearms, our Government allows this activity  to continue, instead jumping on the bandwagon to take the Right To Bear Arms away from the US Citizen.

Consider this: It doesn’t take a “Shrink” to see that subsequent to the first incident in which a child used a firearm to  get attention to his social victimization by shooting up his local school, that it would create a trend of such dramatic events because other children observed or heard of a child garnering affection by shooting up his school. It also created a trend of children earning fame dependant upon how shocking the acts the child committed. The idea that everybody wants to be “somebody” is built into our society and reinforced by the attention given to the children committing these violent acts. At first it was almost expected that the shooter was a victim of bullying or other wrongful abuse. Now, it has become a method for any youngster that wants to make a statement to do a school shooting.

94dpst-thumb I am not a “Shrink,” nor do I claim to have all the answers, but this really is not as complex as we appear to be making it. Teenagers are prone to episodes of emotionalism. And, they are also quite often very dramatic in their actions. Now, myself being a reasonable individual questions if it is a wise decision to allow the age group that struggles daily with an overabundance of hormones and testosterone to have ready access to a firearm? I am not questioning allowing a child to own a firearm. I question allowing ready access to such firearm. At what time in your teenagers life do you expect him/her to have to defend himself by use of a firearm? At what age should your teenager have the ability to kill another human being? Many of us support our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms. Many of us support teaching our children how to use a firearm safely and properly. But, I doubt many of us really want our teenagers to be murderers before they can grow facial hair. And if you are a parent, and have any memory of your younger years, you realize how dangerous the teen years can be. Teenagers know everything, and do stupid, stupid, STUPID things even though you warn them that they should not do such things. There is not a single parent of a teenager that does not worry for their teenagers safety, and pray daily that they will survive their own stupidity long enough to reach adulthood. If you say I am wrong on this, you either do not know your teenager, or you are lying.  Teenagers having ready access to firearms is never a good idea. You can give your child a firearm and it be THEIR firearm without giving them ready access to their firearm. Making your child come to you to ask for the use of their firearm for reasonable activity with it is not an unreasonable expectation. Buying a $10.00 trigger lock for which you retain the key provides you that ability.90_front(1)

Another group of children also in danger when it comes to their ready access to firearms, are little children. These children too young to realize that they are even holding a dangerous weapon, should never have the ability to access a firearm of any sort, not even with adult supervision. And, for a child to be able to stumble upon a loaded firearm that is able to be fired is just plain trouble for everyone. Buying a $10.00 trigger lock to prevent a child from being able to pull the trigger on a loaded weapon is always a good idea.

Now, let’s talk about the Gun Owner. Regardless where the weapon physically is located, the person that owns the firearm is responsible for it’s usage. In other words, if you own a gun, you are responsible for that gun. When gun owners fail to take responsibility for their firearms and bad things happen, it is the fault of the gun owner. I am not talking about somebody breaking into your home and stealing your firearm and it later being used in the commission of a crime. I am talking about when the neighbor kid finds your unsecured firearm and kills somebody while playing with it, you are responsible. But, our Government for the most part is letting people get away with negligent firearms ownership.

We cannot prevent many of the killings by use of a firearm that happen every day. But, the teenager and child described previously are easily preventable deaths. Why is our Government not doing something to prevent these killings? It is really quite simple, OUR GOVERNMENT WANTS TO DISARM US, and are doing everything they can to justify doing so due to our own negligence. Pretty soon, the only people that will lawfully be allowed the Right to Bear Arms will be Government. And, we are helping them do it. Everyday our government takes a little bit more of our freedom here in America, and they intend to take our ability to do anything about it away from us without challenge.

99dpst-thumb Were our Government at all concerned with the deaths of the children described previously, they would be doing something to stop these situations. For one, they would make gin owners responsible for any wrongful use of their firearm. In other words, if you leave your firearms unsecure and someone uses it to harm another person, the gun owner is prosecuted for the wrong usage of the firearm as well as the person that used it. When the Police roll up to your doorstep to discover that your teenager has ready access to a firearm, you as the gun owner are charged with the commission of a crime. When you learn that there has been a mass  shooting at your child’s school and you race there to find your child out your child the shooter, the Police charge you with the killings because your firearm used.

What is the easiest way to prevent the Government from taking away our Right To Bear Arms? Secure your firearm from unintended, improper, unsupervised, and/or emotional use by others by buying and using a trigger lock. As a responsible Gun Owner, Parent, or Gun Enthusiast, the use of a trigger lock to secure your firearm from improper use should be one of the most important things you will ever do for you and your loved ones, and for the freedom of this Country.

Oh, our subject story discusses an unfortunate act by a child that discovered an unsecured firearm in the home. The child shoots and kills another child. The child being only four years of age cannot be charged with the death of the other child, but then again the child did no crime. The gun owner however, just committed murder of a child by negligent handling of the firearm, should be charged and brought to answer for his negligence. And, when sentenced for being found guilty of such negligence should get a few additional years for a firearms enhancement.

Now this was just an exercise to discuss the possibility that the US Government is trying to find a way to take away our guns and our ongoing efforts to provide the Government a never-ending supply of negligence to make such possible. I believe those of us that have firearms need to quit screwing around and take proper care with their ability to be used by unauthorized users, or suffer the consequence of the harms caused.

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