Man arrested for warning of a speed trap

It seems Law Enforcement has forgotten their primary purpose . . .

Man arrested for warning of a speed trap


Our subject video discusses a young man that warned motorists that they were about to come upon Police laying in wait to catch those that may be violating provisions of the State Vehicle Code by driving their vehicles at a faster pace than allowed. He was arrested for holding up a sign warning the police ahead. The video goes on to debate if the man a hero or a criminal for his acts.

Clearly the man is a hero and he should promptly file a false arrest suit against the police department. The primary purpose of Law Enforcement is protection of our Constitutional Rights. Law Enforcement’s primary responsibility is the PREVENTION OF CRIME, not the running of a Speed Trap. Prevention of speeders is not by trapping them, but by making police and their vehicles visible thereby creating an omnipresence of authority which causes everyone to slow down, not just the vehicles caught in their trap. Clearly the young man by holding the sign warning motorists that a police presence was in their immediate future was doing the police job of Prevention, and I suspect it was working as the police had time to arrest him rather than stopping passing motorists.

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