The Difference Between Right and Wrong . . .

A lot of people believe they know the difference between right and wrong. But, do they really? It used to be the difference was a simple right or wrong, but our society has developed a propensity for varying shades of gray. These shades of gray are also evident in our government and our judicial system. We have become less honest as a society due to this and it is hurting America.

When you were young and you found something someone had lost, you knew it wasn’t yours. You understood that somebody probably worked hard to acquire the item. Years ago the right thing to do was try to return the item to it’s rightful owner. And while recent media reports have noted a handful of people doing just that, many people have found things and felt that they were right in just keeping whatever they found. Many of the opinion “Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers” which is an offence onto itself.

Years ago the idea that taking supplies from work for use at home was acceptable would have earned you a lot of disfavor from many. But presently, almost everyone does it. Although most people would find they had taken pencils, pens, and other stationary with them without intent to deprive their company of their use on company time, others choose to take significant quantities of items of stationary supply and other items as though acceptable. Many of the opinion “The Company Can Afford It” which again is it’s own offense.

Retailers world-wide have had to deal with shop-lifting, tag-switching, to outright theft of the items from their shelves. These are recognized wrongs, but many find it acceptable to do these wrongs as though doing such is acceptable. These situation has grown to the degree of “flash mob” attacks in which dozens of people converge on a single retail store taking what they want and boldly leaving the store without paying for the items they have taken. I have no idea the opinion of these people but I anticipate it gives them some sort of justification for their acts.

But it is not just the people that have slipped into the gray areas of right and wrong. Our Government is full of non-stop abuse by their own lies, improper usage of tax dollars, and frauds committed by individuals employed by government. Our Government has even gone to the gray areas of right and wrong as a standard operating procedure.

No law degree is necessary to understand that the reason for “parking restriction” for “street sweeper” days is to ensure that people move their vehicles so that the Street Sweeper can sweep the street. That is the intent of the law. But, some City’s still cite you for parking after the Street Sweeper has completed the task in an area. In major city areas this amounts to quite a bit of money taken from the people. But, when you give it a little thought it is not just the money involved. Everybody from the Traffic Cop through your State Department of Motor Vehicles has conspired to force you to pay them money they are not justified in taking. And, they get away with it because the amount of the parking ticket is small enough that it costs less to pay the ticket than to argue it. Regardless, it still leads to question the integrity of our Government and misuse of Law Enforcement and other Agency to abuse the people.

The War On Drugs is one of this Nations biggest lies, and abuse to the People of this Country. It has allowed our Government to destroy peoples lives, create criminal empires, incarcerate people, take away peoples right to vote, allowed the government to take peoples vehicles, homes, and other property based upon lies told to us by our government while wasting our tax dollars and resources such as Law Enforcement and the Courts to facilitate their lies. Funding for things such as “Black Ops” and other activities have been secretly funded in the War On Drugs budgets. But, this is not the major concern.

The major concern is the use of Law Enforcement and the Courts to violate Constitutional and Civil Rights to enforce laws. It used to be that if a case/officer violated  a citizens rights, cases were dropped or the arrest not made. Today, Law Enforcement does not worry near so much about rights violations. The opinion, “Let them prove their rights violated” which due to the costs of legal representation, many people cannot defend themselves against such abuse.

I understand some may feel me a “crack-pot” but what I am talking about is ethics, honesty, and integrity. These things are what our society is supposed to be based upon. And we, all of us are settling for less by acceptance of the gray areas as acceptable. What are we teaching our children? We are teaching them that nobody has to have these qualities. Teaching a child that we have Constitutional and Civil Rights to have him observe the failure of these rights to protect people from the wrongs committed by government is no different than telling a child not to steal while you strong arm a market.

I can continue giving examples like rampant cases of affluenza in which somebody with inadequate funding for legal representation gets sentenced to lengthy prison terms while others with money walk away exonerated or with much lesser sentencing, or many other topics but it all leads back to the same issue. The difference between right and wrong has been manipulated and abused to such a degree that many of the people of this Country do not believe anything they are told by anybody. So what are our children’s children going to believe? This Country needs a serious infusion of ethics if the future is to know the difference between right and wrong . . .    

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