Kidnapped 7-Year-Old Home Safe Thanks to ‘Nosy’ Stranger | CafeMom

People fail to realize how they can impact a life of another . . .

Kidnapped 7-Year-Old Home Safe Thanks to ‘Nosy’ Stranger | CafeMom


Our subject story tells us about a lady that works for Target who observed a man acting strangely and followed him outside and wrote down his license plate number. A short while later co-workers were discussing an Amber Alert and the man and vehicle fit the man she had seen earlier. She called the Police and gave them the license plate number. The 7 year old girl that had been kidnapped was rescued.

People fail to realize how just being observant can impact the lives of others. I recall an incident a short while back in which while driving down the freeway some students observed a young woman “mouthing” help me to them from a passing vehicle. The students called police while following the other vehicle. The young woman was rescued.

I have previously written about an episode of “What Would You Do?” a television program that plays realistic skits of situations to ascertain the public’s reactions, in which a young child was being pulled by an adult and to the observer it was questionable if the situation might be a kidnapping. Numerous people observed the situation and did nothing. So  many did nothing that it was disgusting to watch their blatant lack of concern for the child. Finally, two young Black men approached the adult to ascertain if the situation proper or not.

It is more common for people to not want to get involved, mostly due to fear of reprisal from those committing the wrong. But, so much is being done to harm others how can you not stand up for the victims? I have seen people just turn away from people being victimized without giving it a second thought. Personally, I cannot do it. I have never been able to. If I observe someone being victimized, even if I cannot do anything more than call the police, I do it.

It is important that people living in a civilized society take action when wrongs are committed. Failure to do something, no matter how little the action is, is just the same as accepting the wrong being committed. Truthfully, when you observe a wrong-doing committed and do nothing, you become a co-conspirator of the wrong-doing. Today, everybody has cell phones. Most of us are capable of observing what is happening and calling police if necessary. So, why do so few people just turn away and see nothing?

Just remember, one day you may see something and your action may save a life. Your action may stop a criminal from victimizing someone and save yourself from eventually becoming victim of the same criminal. Regardless, doing nothing, does nothing but allow it to continue.

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