Ex-student calls teacher over alleged sex abuse – CNN.com

Never underestimate the power of YouTube . . .

Ex-student calls teacher over alleged sex abuse – CNN.com


Our subject video tells us of a 12 year old girl that had been sexually abused by a female teacher. The victim, now 28 years old comes back at her abuser, confronting her and recording it as a YouTube video to share with the rest of the world. You have to watch the video as some parts are surprising.

During the confrontation the teacher says that she did abuse the victim, and that she felt terrible about it. She later quit her teaching job. Another surprising part of the story is how the teacher manipulated the victim. The victim details the manipulation.

As a child, what should you do if you are being abused by a teacher, or anybody else for that matter? The most important thing is to recognize that you are a victim. Do not let all the bad feelings and your fears make you feel bad about yourself. Find an adult you trust, or if more comfortable for you seek an adult you do not know like a policeman or priest and no matter how much it acres you to tell the story, tell them and ask for their help. One of the people that you are possibly afraid to talk to is one of the best choices for you to talk to. Your parents are always one of the best choices for this type of situation. They may yell and scream at you for a bit, but when they calm down they will defend  you and help you deal with the problem. Regardless, get help to stop the abuse. Not only girls are abused sexually, boys are victims of sexual abuse also.

One of the toughest things you will have to deal with is peer pressure and the junk other students will have to say. I know it is hard to do, but let their stupidity just roll off your back, most have no idea what problems you face as a victim of abuse from someone you trusted. Teachers are not the only trusted people that abuse children. Almost anyone from any background, age, sex, or occupation may target children for sexual abuse. I am not saying that everyone does target kids for sexual abuse. What I mean is the person you might think would never consider sexually abusing a child, even family members, may be such a person. Kids really have to be aware that people that pay too much attention to them may be a problem in this situation.

The most important thing for all victims of sexual abuse to understand is you are not responsible for the situation, you are a victim of an adult that has either manipulated you into the situation, or has forced your participation. DO NOT allow guilt to make you feel bad, you are not the guilty party. I am not a mental health professional. Nor am I qualified to provide guidance in this situation. But, I will offer this bit of advice . . . If you are a victim of sexual abuse, get help to stop it. And, if you need help dealing with the problem, ask for a mental health  professional or counselor to help you deal with it

If you are a pedophile or a person that sexually abuses children, get help. Remember, the child you victimize today will be an adult soon enough. The life you screw up, may come back to return the favor . . .

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