Exonerated: An Innocence Project fact sheet – CNN.com

DNA evidence proves a man convicted for the crime, did not do it . . .

Exonerated: An Innocence Project fact sheet – CNN.com


Our subject story discusses how the Innocence Project and DNA testing have exonerated over 300 people convicted for crimes they did not commit. I would have a REAL PROBLEM if I had been convicted for a crime I did not commit and spent 25 years in prison waiting for someone to prove I did not commit the crime.

Think about this ( I want to play a little scenario for this discussion ): You come home from work to find your wife had been raped and murdered. An investigation by the police provides no real clues except that you work alone on the graveyard shift and nobody can vouch for your whereabouts the night your wife killed. You are already suffering the loss of your wife and the investigation is pointing in your direction. End result, you are tried and convicted for the rape and murder of the person you love more than life itself. Subsequent to your being charged for the crime your two infant children are taken from you by Family Health Services.

For 20 years you have claimed your innocence while you rot in prison for a crime committed by someone else. You children, no matured do not want anything to do with you as they have been told you killed their mother, and have never provided you the opportunity to dispute it. The person, or persons that killed your wife have never been caught and are living a great life and are not concerned about your being in prison at all.

Then along comes the Innocence Project and DNA testing which proves you did not commit the crime, and actually provides the identity of the person that did.

What would you do? “Oh I am so happy to be out of prison, it does not matter my whole life destroyed.  I am just happy to be free again.” Really, what would you do? Give it a little thought. What happened to you in prison? Were you raped, beaten, maybe stabbed? Were you shot by a Correctional Officer during a fight where it was necessary to defend yourself? How were your children treated while you were in prison? Were they sexually abused by their foster parents, or made to feel that they need to fear you? What would you do the second you walked out of that prison a free man?

I am sorry folks but were it me that just got released from prison after being convicted of a crime I did not commit, not a single person involved in my incarceration would ever sleep soundly again. The Judge, the Jury, the involved Attorneys (Including my own) and everybody from the system that had a hand in any portion of of my conviction would ever be safe from my wrath. And I would do absolutely nothing to anyone, until after my book is published. And then, I would take everything from them. One by one I would hunt them down and destroy every good thing in their lives. No, I would not target them. I would make them feel my pain. I would take their calm peaceful life way by targeting someone they love.  I would take orgasmic joy from watching them suffer their losses. I would become the most evil person I could imagine and make each and every one of them suffer. Not just them, but every member of their families. Can you imagine sitting in a prison cell day after day with the anger building within you? I can.

The person that was responsible for the death of my wife would likely suffer the most. I would eliminate everything he ever cared for without a thought of what harm I caused. And, when he had nothing left to live for, I would make sure he had to continue living so he could live the emptiness the past 25 years had provided me. I would film all of my revenge upon him so he could live it over and over again.

Anyone that had brought harm to my children, including government officials, would learn what madness in a wild animal truly is. Nothing could protect  them when my time has come.

I would make a pact with the devil to be as cruel and vicious as any known killer and not feel a bit of remorse for my actions. Everyone would know who had done these acts of retribution before my death at my own hands as I would publish every detail of every bit of hatred I exacted on them.  Then my ghost would return to haunt and harm them and their families for forever.

Okay, so it sounds like a great horror story. But, I’ll be damned if I would allow these people to lock me up after already losing my wife, taking my children away from me, and leaving me to suffer every single day with nobody to believe me innocent, and them get away with it.

You see, in the United States you can be tried, convicted, and incarcerated for a crime you did not commit, and you cannot even sue the government. You do not pass Go, you do not get your $200.00, and you do not have a Get Out Of Jail Free card. All you get out of the deal is to be let out of prison to no job, no family, no nothing but going back to a life that no longer exists. There is little justice in America, but it is still the best system of justice in the world. But, it does have it’s faults. Just ask the 311 people that have been exonerated by DNA testing results.

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