Security contractor ‘dumping’ background checks –

Now they say we are exposed to the threat of over six hundred thousand . . . 

Security contractor ‘dumping’ background checks –


Imagine being what is claimed to be “the best of the best” when it comes to conducting background investigations into prospective employees and personnel, and not doing your damn job. Our subject story tells us that our Government has filed charges against US Investigations alleging that they lied about conducting background investigations on over six hundred thousand people. That means that there are possibly that many people currently employed by the government that pose a threat to this country. And to top it off, US Investigations may have also been paid about 12 million dollars as bonus for completion of the work they did not do.

Most small business when confronted with an increased workload due to a really good contract with the government would act quickly to hire their own adequate staff to handle the work in a timely manner and guarantee the work done properly. I do not know what US Investigations did but the Government says they did not do their jobs on about 40% of the work sent to them. They did send the necessary reports back to the Government showing the work performed, though it had not been done as required.

My curiosity in this situation is how many of these people have actually secured a position within the government that provides them access to sensitive information? Do we have thousands of people working in government positions with loyalties to foreign countries, are willing to sell information to whomever is interested, or might have ill intent towards our country? Is this how Snowden was able to obtain employment with the NSA Contractor.

I do not think we have much to fear as background investigations and employment concerns do not meet the need anyway. Our Government has backgrounds conducted  and disqualifies applicants for conduct the Government sees as unsavory. What they should be doing is using the unsavory to ascertain if the person tells the truth or not. Because that is what is necessary to work in positions that have access to sensitive information. Nobody gives a damn if you smoke a joint once in a while, what we need to know is if you lie about doing so. If you will lie about that you will likely lie about everything else. Nobody cares if you been climbing in Joe Smith’s bedroom window as he walks out the front door. We want to know if you will tell the truth about it so we know what to expect of your integrity as you sign that oath to protect this Country.

What our Country needs more than anything else is truth. We need Politicians that tell the truth, Judges that tell the truth. We need the integrity of saying the truth even if it not popular content for the masses. What we do not need are more professional liars behind badges or government desks. There are already far too many of both running the Country presently.

The other crime involved here is the 12 million dollars in bonus paid to US Investigations, as well as the 40% in regular payment paid for work not performed. This is just bad business. This is simple greed. And, this is improper usage of US Taxpayer monies. This is what we should be screaming about. Do you realize that in this Country we will pay millions of dollars to people that do not do the job they were paid to do, while we bitch about spending money to support people for which there is no meaningful employment? Between government misuse of tax dollars, government employee misuse of tax dollars, and money paid to politicians for not doing their jobs this Country should be fed up with our tax system. Instead of our government going after the real waste and misuse of tax dollars, they  instead go after the citizen that can barely feed themselves and their families to extract taxes from them regardless the harm caused in doing so. We should be ashamed of the waste, misuse of our tax dollars, and the fact that we do not take care of the real needs in this Country.

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