Mother charged with trading sex with daughter to pay off debt |

When did it become acceptable to pimp your 15 year old daughter?

Mother charged with trading sex with daughter to pay off debt |


Our subject story tells us about a 15 year old girl, whose mother gets herself indebted to a man that she cannot pay.  To resolve the debt she pimps her daughter to the guy at $100.00 per session to pay off the $5000.00 debt. The deal goes bad when the little girl tells a relative who takes her to the cops to tell her story . . .

Think about this for just a minute. This woman pimped her 15 year old daughter to this guy at $100.00 each time the guy got some of the little girl. To pay a debt of $5000.00 we are talking 50 times this little girl had to be abused by this guy with her mothers consent. What the  . . . . is wrong with these people? Parents are not supposed to be the abusers of their own children. Though sadly enough it appears more to be the trend today. Mothers are supposed to protect their  young from abuse such as this, aren’t they?

I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, in a dirt road neighborhood, part of a very poor family. But, there was never the kind of abuse in my family that you read about today. Even when we had nothing on the table nobody pimped out anybody. Nobody sent my sisters to resolve debts by sleeping with men. And, I am serious, there were times when we were damn hungry, although not nearly so much as some would think. My mother and father divorced when I was 12, leaving my mother to support both myself and my younger sister on her wages working at a Drug Store coffee shop as a waitress. My mother worked her ass off, got little to no child support from my father, and rarely bitched about anything to us kids. I guarantee she would have sold her soul to the devil before she would have allowed anything to happen to us kids. What has happened to make motherhood such a lack of love and responsibility that it allows things like this to happen. This is not the only story like this.


Last year this headline ran in the news . . .

Stephanie Chapman guilty of using 15-year-old girl as prostitute |


Stephanie Chapman guilty of using 15-year-old girl as prostitute |


In this story a man and his girlfriend hook up with this 15 year old girl and have sex with her. They then recruit her to prostitute herself for them and share her earnings with her. The couple act as her pimp, advertising her availability on the Internet, and transporting her where necessary for meeting her customers. And, there is even more . . .

The entire country is pimping out our children. What sucks most about it, is we are helping it happen by buying the sexual services of children. It is bad enough when grown men and women pay for sexual services from adult prostitutes. But, when we eagerly jump at the opportunity to sexually abuse a child, we are really showing the lack of concern we have for our children. There is not a 15 year old in this Country that doesn’t want to be an adult right now. They do stupid and dangerous things that allow them to get caught up in this situation. And, you can tell them very little of how much they are at risk because they are always smarter than you. They believe their friends opinions and do not listen to your concerns for even a moment. And, then bad shit happens . . .

How can it be prevented? It happens to kids of all levels of society. Bad things happen to honor roll students just as much as the class stoners. Respected citizens, Priests, Cops, Teachers, and family members who are expected to protect our children, seem to be found participating in the abuse of our children. Who can you trust to protect your children? Who can the children trust to protect them? I can cite headline after headline of sexual abuse of children by the very people they should be able to trust. How do we protect our children from themselves when those charged with the responsibility of protecting them are their abusers?

I am not qualified to answer these questions. But, I believe parents need to tell their children that this problem exists. That it can happen to them. And, tell them what to do if they become a victim. Most importantly, let them know that bad things can happen to good kids, and regardless what happens to them that you will always love and protect them to the best of your ability . . .

As responsible adults, we all have to put an end to the sexual abuse of our children. Do not pay to participate, report it to police when you find it. Do something that will make you feel human again and save a kid from abuse from anyone, even yourself.

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