This light pole is going to save his life

Talk about your close call . . .

This light pole is going to save his life


Ever had a “close call” where your life was in danger and by some miracle it was thwarted? Our subject video shows a person minding their own business walking down the sidewalk when out of the distance comes a car racing right for him . . .

If you have never had a close call, you have been very fortunate. Most of us have. Some of us have and did not know it. I have had a number of close calls and thank my lucky stars that they have only been close calls. Close calls can be a life changing moment. Some that have experienced a close call find God. Others realize that their life can be taken from them in an instant and choose to live everyday henceforth as though it was their last. A few, realizing how easily they can be killed try to live a life of staying in their safe zone which is usually hiding in their living room at home.

People that work in certain jobs commonly enjoy close calls. Cops frequently have close calls. Firemen have close calls often. Every Electrician that I know has at least had one close call. Truck Drivers also have quite a few close calls just avoiding other drivers. So do motorcycle drivers as they try to make it on the freeway or any intersection. But, the people that have more close calls than anyone are women.

Women, just because they are women almost daily have close calls and do not have a clue how close they came to the final curtain. This is because they do not see the men that will do them harm if provided the opportunity. A young attractive woman is like a magnet to people that will take advantage of any chance to do a woman harm. And, women do not realize the danger they are in because they believe they can trust the people around them, when they should not trust even their closest friends. This is simply due to want and jealousy.

Children are the next targets for close calls. Again, young attractive children are magnets for those that would harm them. Every child in a large city goes through their daily routine never realizing that had they of not been met by friends while walking home, may not have made it home. Presently in America, children have to be aware of the children around them that are victimized by other children or bullied. The smart child is the one that tries to stop the abuse rather than participate or ignore the situation. Talking about the victim of abuse after he/she shoots half the kids in school does nothing for anyone.

Drivers have close calls quite often just in the course of driving from point A to B. Wet weather brings out the “crazies” that seem to drive faster, stop less in advance, and tend to take many more risks. This is a question still seeking scientific explanation as nobody knows why these crazies only come out when there are adverse driving conditions. This is a true danger to everyone but nobody knows why it is so. Intelligent people driving in adverse conditions slow down and pay attention to those around them. The rest don’t. Then there is the rage driver that if by chance you accidently cut him off or impede his progress, he will likely attempt to kill you if he gets the chance.  Nobody knows how many people have experienced close calls to these people, but with as many angry people driving our roads and highways as we have it is probably a very high number.

There are many more situations that have provided people with a close call. Many of you have probably experienced close calls that do not fit my descriptions above. Regardless, it is a bright and joyful world out there just waiting for you to step out of the safety of your bed and start your day. Let’s be careful out there . . .

Oh, almost forgot. In our subject video the person about to be met by an out of control speeding automobile is save by a fast thinking light pole that steps in front of the car. Or, something like that . . .

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