2nd grand jury indicts officer in shooting of ex-FAMU football player – CNN.com

So many people are afraid the big nigger gonna get them . . .

2nd grand jury indicts officer in shooting of ex-FAMU football player – CNN.com


Excuse the racial reference above, but that is what is going on. Black people by means of aggressive behavior have intimidated so many people that all these little racists are afraid. I try to convey an anti-racist message in this posting and hope that my use of the term used above does not create an undeserved amount of controversy.

You have to admit, a majority of Black People tend to be “get right in your face” type of people. Most are quick to raise their voices and become physically intimidating during confrontation. This coupled with a person that has never really been in a fight, never really taken a solid punch to their face, or is not confident in their ability to defend themselves is a problem just waiting to happen.

In this case, this big Black man at this woman’s door scared her so much that she did not even pay attention to the man’s need for help. Had she of been a responsible person she could have ascertained the man’s need for help and called the Police saying that was the situation. But, her fear prevented her doing so.

The idea that this big Black man was rushing up towards the policemen, who probably suffers from the same fear of Black People and a lack of confidence should not have ever been employed as a Peace Officer. It does not take a degree in psychology to reach the conclusion that this cop saw this big Black man rushing towards him  and in the process of wetting his own pants, fired his firearm way too many times resulting in the death of the Black man.

I do not care if it was dark outside or if the cop needed glasses, as a cop you are trained to  defend yourself without use of a firearm . . . So, why didn’t he? And, even if in fear for his safety, why was it necessary to shoot so many times? On the other hand, what else did he do to try to gain control of the situation? Did he tell the man to stop his advance towards him? Did he consider use of his baton, mace, taser, or his own fist to stop the advance of the other man?

Granted, the circumstances for both persons was written to end in disaster the second the woman called the police saying that there was someone trying to bust in her door. And, she is key to this situation. The cop didn’t kill this Black man, the woman did. And, did so out of fear . . . Granted, the cop had no justification for killing this man, except for his own fears, but his own fears coupled with the report of the woman to the police led the officer to act less than reasonable.

People, as long as you consider Black people “niggers” or even “Black” people, you will have fears to overcome. It does not matter the color of their skin, they are flesh and blood men. That is all. They possess no superhuman capabilities. They are not superior beings. They are people just as you are. And, they pose no more threat to you than any other people. Learn how to defend yourself a little. Take a course in self-defense? Do something to boost your confidence in yourself. Go out and meet some Black people outside of the  work environment, and Black people go make some friends outside your race. But stop fearing people based on the color of their skin. Everybody bleeds red and nobody wants to end up dead.  

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