Film exposes dolphin hunt in Japan

It can be stopped . . .

Film exposes dolphin hunt in Japan


While there is a lot of controversy over this Japanese Dolphin Hunt, the only ideas I hear to stop the hunt is to quit attending Dolphin Shows and Aquariums that feature dolphins. What an absolutely bogus idea. And, a simple waste of time. Thus I question if those saying they are trying to stop the hunt, the abuse, and the murders of these beautiful creatures.

If you truly desire to put an end to these Dolphin Hunts, then you have to get dirty. If you want to get the attention of the Japanese, you do not stop attending dolphin shows in America. You get 9 or so other like minded people and you go protest in front of car dealerships that sell Japanese cars. You make flyers calling for the immediate boycott of Japanese products and you distribute them in Japan Town. You get 24 other like minded people and go protest the Japanese Conciliate. You do research to ascertain what local business are owned by Japanese and you circulate flyers to boycott those business. And, you get the business that hold dolphin shows to stop buying dolphins from the Japanese.

I guarantee doing these things will have a far further reaching impact than not attending dolphin shows. Face it, the whole hunt is based on money. The Japanese fishermen get a lot of money from the sales of the dolphins as show stock, and what they do not cull for sale as entertainment mammals, they sell as retail fish products.  If you suddenly start that market to lose money because lots of people quit buying the products, they will stop.

People in America might go to see a dolphin show maybe once in 5 years. How many “made in Japan” products do you buy in a year? The abuse to these creatures can be stopped quickly while sending a message that it should be stopped for good, if we want to do so. It only requires that you get off your ass and take action.

4 thoughts on “Film exposes dolphin hunt in Japan

  1. all good and valid points. need to look at our society and the direction it has taken so many people. this is not something new, been going on for years now. take the tuna industry. so many of the cans are dolphin safe. thanks for sharing and posting.


    • It just amazes me the way these people are finding issue with the places like Marine World but if they truly want to stop the abuse to dolphins by the Japanese, take the issue to the Japanese. Their failure to do so makes me question how much they care about who is doing the abuse. Places like Marine World may not be the most perfect place for any of the creatures they house, but all of them provide a unique interaction between man and animal that allows us to learn from them and them to learn from us. The next step for animals in captivity is to see if when let loose into their home environment if they will love or hate us.


      • well written, so true, something goes for the zoos. if it were not for these places, some of them my be gone from our environment forever. i agree, take it to japan, some of our own fish industry has a no dolphin policy for fishing tuna. hopefully if and when they are released back to their own environment, they will love us.


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