Lunch taken away from students at Utah elementary school –

This is not the first time this has happened in America . . .

Lunch taken away from students at Utah elementary school –


Our subject story tells us about an Elementary School in Utah that took the school meals from children and threw the food away because the students did not have adequate funds on their school accounts for the meals. First off, any parent that has a elementary school age child that has been subjected to this form of abuse by a school official needs to take it to Court immediately. There is absolutely NO REASON for any elementary school not to provide meals to children of this age. Think about this . . . These are little children ranging from 6 to 12 years of age. While the 12 year olds may be mature enough to only feel the embarrassment of the situation, a 6 year old probably does not understand it is just a simple issue of economics. And, it is nothing less than criminal abuse to take the food from a child and throw it away in the trash.

This is not the first time this has happened in a school in America and you know that these events are relayed from one school district to the next. Every school official in this Utah school knew very well that this had been done in other schools in other States recently, and chose to take the lunches from the students anyway. This is not an act performed without intent to cause harm to students. This is an act known to cause parental outcry allowing schools receive additional funding. At every school that this happens the results are similar. But, nobody addresses the psychological harm to the students. And, if you think taking a tray of food away from a 6 year old, telling them that their parents need to pay for the food, and then throwing the food away does not cause psychological harm to a student, you are mistaken.

Here are some similar events:

Students denied lunch this week at a Massachusetts school had parents and administrators in an uproar. A total of 25 students were denied lunch and some were ordered to throw out the food they’d already put onto their tray.

By Staff, Associated Press / April 5, 2013


Hawkins County Commission members have demanded an explanation after a child was denied a hot school lunch for not having enough money.

The Associated Press / May 23, 2012


Student denied school lunch over 20 cents


by ROB PIERCY / KING 5 News / / Posted on February 4, 2010 at 5:49 PM


There have been numerous incidents nationwide of schools either taking meals from students or denying students food because of inadequate funds on the child’s account. The embarrassment, the future abuse by other children, and the subsequent stigma that follows a child subjected to this abuse is as criminal as “bullying” by other students. Even more criminal in nature when you consider that a school official is involved. A school official that has the responsibility of protecting children from abuse  . . . Isn’t it just enough to make you want to  . . . But, DON’T DO IT!

When the school system takes supervision of your child during the school hours, are they not responsible for the health and welfare of your child? Any other place that you left your child in the care of another person, when the regular meal times happened, they were expected to see your child fed, regardless of any accounting. Especially in America today. Over 50% of America is still struggling to recover from our most recent financial unrest. Close to 30% of America is living below poverty level and in some areas of the Country, you are damn lucky if you can land a decent paying job at all. If you are an adult, a company, an organization, a friend, or a family member that is responsible for the health and welfare of my child in my absence, you better feed my kid at meal time, or my kid will not be in your care much longer . . . Not a single person involved in this abuse to children in their charge should have a job doing so tomorrow.

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