Maybe You Get Bad Customer Service Because You’re a Bad Customer | Matt Walsh

Today, I got this tip for my blog from a faithful reader . . .

Maybe You Get Bad Customer Service Because You’re a Bad Customer | Matt Walsh


Our subject story describes a less than desirable interaction between an irate customer and a fast food  restaurant. Apparently the woman had become irate over the inclusion of ketchup on her burger when she specified “no ketchup” in her order and decided to make everybody at the restaurant miserable because of it. The linked article is the Authors rendition of the event and his suggestion that the woman herself likely the cause of her poor customer service.

How often do you rush to a drive thru restaurant with the intent of quickly getting your food and rushing away to wherever it is you need to go, to find a mistake made on your order? It has happened to me a few times. Do you get mad? I do not get mad. I get even! See, now you believe I go in like this woman described in the subject story ranting and raving about the poor service. But, I do not ever even consider acting like that. Give it a little thought. If this is the most serious problem that you have to deal with in your day, thank your lucky stars because the day brings much more severe issues for others.

When it happens to me, I quickly park and rush into the restaurant, because it is likely that the next person in line is also getting an order not as they ordered. I quickly get the attention of an employee to let them know to check the next order carefully. ( I actually stopped at the end of the drive thru once blocking the next persons exit ) Upon explaining the error the employees and the other customer getting the wrong order were very cooperative in getting the order corrected. The third customer in line was a bit of a dick because he was temporarily delayed about two minutes of his valuable video game playing  time, but even he got his correct order.

Are you one of those people that demands excellence of workers that receive less of an income than you piss away at the club weekly, less money than your monthly street pharmacist bill, and barely as much as the County pays for your Section 8 housing? You need to get a friggin clue. Most these places are manned by inexperienced High School kids that build your meal by assembly line. One guy takes your order, the next cooks it, the next adds to it, another goops stuff on it, while another wraps it in paper. Then the next person hands you your order. Do you really think that from point A to point You that mistakes cannot occur? The likelihood that some little girl dressed like she is a sex goddess before she has reached her 15th birthday, having distracted the youngster working the assembly line should explain how easily a mistake can occur to your order. Teenager hormones account for 70% of teenager mistakes and/or failures during this age. I know a kid that come to my house to take out my trash in hopes of getting a glance at the high school girl sunning herself in my neighbors yard. I could never convince him to carry the trash cans to the curb at 6:00AM Wednesdays though. Let it suffice to say, it is a miracle that any of these fast food places is still in business just considering teenage hormones. Haven’t you ever wondered why the person at the money window or order window has been chosen for that position? Think about it next time you drive through.

If that doesn’t satisfy your need for excuse for such errors, go get a job at one of these places. See if you can maintain paying attention to what you are expected to be doing in an atmosphere where everything diverts your attention because you are young and afraid you will do something that will embarrass you or get you fired. Or, just search your memory back to when you were that young. Oh, you forgot . . . you would be too embarrassed working at one of those places . . .  

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