Police slice off woman’s hair weave

If you have not seen this video, check out Law Enforcements finest . . .

Police slice off woman’s hair weave


Our subject video tells us about a gal that went to a party in Detroit last November and ended up in a strange hotel without knowledge how she got there. She torn up the hot5el room and the Police took her into custody.  During her visit to the police station one of the Officers decided that she had Barber skills and decided to cut the woman’s hair by the officers securing her in a restraint chair and then grabbing the woman by the hair while she hacked at her hair. Three minutes later the woman looked a lot less effeminate than when she walked in.

Now this appears to be a professional female police officer just trying to ensure the woman does not commit suicide by hanging herself with her hair. Really, that is the only way I can think that the hair could be used for a suicide attempt. End result, cop fired. Now here is the part that just offends the hell out of me: How many other cops helped put this woman in the restraint chair? How many other cops watched the officer attack the woman with the scissors cutting her hair? WHY THE HELL DIDN’T ANY OF THE OTHER OFFICERS STOP THE ATTACK ON THE WOMAN? I saw at least two other officers in the video that helped and/or witnessed the attack. Why did they do nothing?

You know, police officers get paid fairly well and it is really a great job. Officers are trained and trained again throughout their term of employment to ensure they understand the difference between right and wrong. But at every turn, you see the officers you would like to believe are there to protect your constitutional and civil rights either violating those rights or watching another officer violate someone’s rights. Believe me, today’s police officers are better trained than ever before in history. They are evaluated and re-evaluated to ensure they are capable of doing their jobs correctly, and still they do not do the right thing.

I tell you, I am very disheartened by the police officer that feels they are above doing the right thing. If you do not have the integrity to do the job correctly, give up your badge. There are no laws that do not apply to cops as well as everyone else. But, there are some that just seem to think it okay to do as they wish and cause harm to others as though doing so is acceptable. It is not acceptable. Some cops just need to learn the difference between right and wrong . . .

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