Deputy, a ‘good man,’ killed in Utah trying to aid a ‘disabled’ car –

People do not realize how dangerous being a cop can be . . .

Deputy, a ‘good man,’ killed in Utah trying to aid a ‘disabled’ car –


There you are one moment patrolling the streets, you pull over to assist a broken down motorist, and the next thing you know a bullet from a high-powered rifle slams through your window killing you. That’s how our subject story describes the first Officer shot in this incident. The story continues through three more shootings and the capture of the gunman. All the way through the story you can imagine the threat to the officers and the community.

Being a cop is a dangerous job. It does not matter if it a city, transit, postal, parks, marine, military, federal, or corrections job, it is dangerous. Statistics suggest it less  dangerous than it really is. But, this is because in most incidents the Officer’s take control of the suspect very quickly. Many situations would escalate very quickly had the suspect have been able to do so.

While I tend to talk down about cops violating people’s Constitutional and Civil Rights, I still realize the police a very necessary public servant. The cop of yesterday is gone. There is no more friendly cop on the beat that knows the people of the neighborhood and did more to prevent crime than catch crime. Now, crime is more the attention at the moment and cops are doing more response to crime committed than in the past. It makes the Officer’s job a bit more dangerous and more difficult.

I salute these Officers and offer my condolence to the families of the fallen and injured. No good men should ever have to die as a function of their employment, and it is sad to see it happen anywhere.

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