The dune buggy that can fly – Video – Personal Finance

I want one . . .

The dune buggy that can fly – Video – Personal Finance


What a neat vehicle. Our subject video tells us about a flying dune buggy. I cannot wait to drive some sort of flying car. I want to see the Jetson Age. You know, the cartoon from years ago with the flying saucer car in a briefcase, Rosie the robotic maid, the daughter Judy, son Elroy, George the father, and I cannot remember the name of the wife. Trying to remember by the cartoon theme song from years ago is more difficult than I thought it would be.

If you are like me you pause to read or view anything about the future of vehicles, if for nothing else to see the designs. Flying cars are not really a new idea, but they are new for usage. The first flying cars in production today are made by these people, And what a sharp looking bird it is. They have a future model that is all electric that is very cool also. This flying car is supposed to be available right now: But, they only show the pilot view in this video. You know how to search, find it . . .

There are lots of new cars coming, many of them fly, float, or submerge.  Here are a few of the upcoming flyers:

And here is one of many that can submerge:

I have barely touched the surface of the amazing cars being developed world-wide that can do everything as well as your morning commute. Check these critters out, you cannot help but want one . . .

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