Arrest in 40-year-old murder case –

Murder, one of the few crimes without a statute of limitations . . .

Arrest in 40-year-old murder case –


Many crimes have a Statute Of Limitations after which you are not supposed to charged with the commission of the crime. Murder has no Statute Of Limitations so it is chargeable whenever enough evidence exists to charge a suspect.

Our subject story tells us about a 21 year old woman that was killed over forty years ago. The suspect in her murder was a furniture delivery worker that had done a job at the girls residence the day prior to her murder. He was never known or considered suspect until just recently when DNA test results identified him. The suspect, now 69 years old, was a known sex offender from a rape committed in California in 1974.

Can you imagine this “dick-head” living the past 40 years thinking he had got away with it, only to have the cops roll up on him because of a random DNA test? It makes me believe in there being some sort of justice out there after all.

I think everyone prior to their deaths should confess all their crimes. It sure would give closure to the many that never have learned the whereabouts of a loved one gone missing and clear a whole bunch of unsolved crime off the books. I would be curious if OJ Simpson killed his woman or not. I would like the truth in the Zimmerman Vs Treyvon Martin case. And, given the opportunity I could come up with a whole bunch of other cases I would like to know the truth about.

Regardless, all you Thugs thinking you “got over” may not have . . . If you are still living when they match-up your DNA, you busted baby!

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