Firefighter handcuffed while on duty

Seldom does stupidity reach this level . . .

Firefighter handcuffed while on duty


Our subject video tells us of a Chula Vista Firefighter who found himself handcuffed and in the rear of a Highway Patrol car because he parked his fire engine truck behind an ambulance for safety of the ambulance. His parking location was contrary to the Highway Patrol Officer’s request that he move his truck to another location. So, here we have a Highway Patrol Officer and a Chula Vista Firefighter doing something other than as necessary for the emergency called upon. And, the disgrace of two On-Duty Peace Officers being involved in an arrest situation.

Many people do not realize it but, Firefighters in most locals are Peace Officers while in the performance of their duties as a Firefighter. In essence, they have the same authority as cops when performing the duties as firefighters. In addition, a Firefighter is considered a “First Responder” at most accident and fire calls. As such they control the scene  for the duration of the incident called upon. The Highway Patrol responsibilities are traffic control to move traffic clear of the incident. Now, one can see how the placement of the parked fire truck may impact the Highway Patrol Officer’s ability to perform traffic control. But, you can also see where the placement of the fire truck behind the ambulance provided additional safety for the ambulance.

Frankly, it is a damn unfortunate and embarrassing situation for all concerned. The biggest concern is who was doing traffic control and the firefighter’s responsibilities while these two played “arrest” in the accident scene? The reason this is important is because neither of these men should have been doing anything other than what the emergency required. Most assuredly, the need to arrest a firefighter during the emergency,  during the performance of his duties, leaves one questioning the intelligence of the Highway Patrolman. I mean, could it not have been resolved after the emergency resolved, by citation, or at the Fire House later?

Regardless, one Peace Officer arresting another for anything short of a serious felony is “stupidity in motion” for all concerned and an embarrassment to all involved . . .

4 thoughts on “Firefighter handcuffed while on duty

  1. Stupidest arrest I have ever seen O.o No offence but the weed is probably impeding his judgement (the patrol officer). Arresting a firefighter during an emergency like that for something so trivial should be a sackable offence. The firefighter was trying to do his job whilst looking out for his co-workers.
    Th fast lane could have easily been opened up after the bloke had done his job, or the officer could have simply worked around it.


  2. I think you’re right about that,though I can’t help but think the copper could have just dealt with it in a more professional manor. They were both just doing what they though was best however the firefighter was in the middle of trying to save someones life and the copper deliberately went out of his way to interfere to make what seems to me a rather petty point that could easily have waited until after.


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