After decades in prison, DNA evidence frees 2 New York men –

Every time you tell yourself, just “gas em” another story like this comes to light . . .

After decades in prison, DNA evidence frees 2 New York men –


When I think of all the men in prison, I think they are all guilty and deserve what they got. But, then I think deeper. A whole lot of people have been railroaded straight into jail for bullshit. The “War on Drugs” put a lot of people in jail that never should have been jailed, and cops who coerced people into saying they were guilty account for quite a few more.


Our subject story details the story of two young men just 18 years old that got picked up by police who charged them with a crime they did not commit. Actually, one of the two came home to find his mother, sister, and cousin had been killed. The end result was the cops coerced a confession out of the younger man and both ended up convicted for the murders. DNA poked holes in their prosecution 22 years later. Now, both have been released from prison.

The problem I have with this is how do you accept being put in prison for a crime you did not commit? And, when you are found to be not the person committed the crime, what do you do? After 22 years in prison are you just supposed to forgive the cops that coerced your confession? Are you supposed to forgive the Prosecutor, the Defense, and the Court for the wrongs that you have been subjected to? What about the Jury?

Although in some cases similar to this the persons wrongly incarcerated have received financial compensation for their imprisonment, the law says they do not have to give you anything at all. Would money satisfy you? In the case of the subject story, all the money in the world would not matter because a crime was committed to do this to me. The problem though, is after 22 years the cops involved would be retired possibly and even if they could be prosecuted for the coerced confession, they would be too old for incarceration to make much difference to them. Regardless, I would be madder than hell and looking for someone to pay for the wrongs done to me.

The problem in our Justice System stem from Law Enforcement not realizing that first and foremost their responsibility is to the protection of the Constitution. Cops get told what to do, how to do, and often who to do and much like the Military officers follow their orders. And, for the most part police officers of all sorts are good men and women that want to make a positive impact on society, do an honest days work, and make it home at the end of their day. But, every so often you come across one that thinks they are above the law, that they can do as they choose and do whatever harm they will without fear of recourse from their victims.

Just hope, it doesn’t happen to you . . . 

3 thoughts on “After decades in prison, DNA evidence frees 2 New York men –

  1. Nearly 30 years ago (I was 14 years old), I was sexually assaulted by a trusted friend. He was a psychologist and knew how to handle me. After talking to my high school shrink about my ‘dreams’ the cops were called in. I was interrogated by a female police office. I say interrogated because she spoke to me as if I were a hooker. What ‘it’ looked like, did he or I orgasm …. etc. All this not a comforting or reassuring tone. I felt violated all over again. She was suppose to be protecting me. I never prosecuted the scum bag. If cops can’t show humanity to a victim, they can rain hell on a suspect. I wonder how many innocent prisoners die with a needle in their arm.


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