Nude party at kids’ playhouse outrages parents |

WTF Nancy Grace is a pain in the ass . . .

Nude party at kids’ playhouse outrages parents |


In addition to having one of the most annoying voices that ever beset a woman, her “holier than thou” rhetoric is  just too much to listen to. In our subject story she sets off on a rant because a “Bouncy House” company allowed an “adults only” event usage of their facilities. Who cares!

“Can you imagine one of my children going down on their tummies on this thing after a naked man has just slid down it?” Nancy Grace said.

Can you imagine sliding down this thing after a child has urinated and/or defecated on it. Who cares, so long as the company cleans it between uses. The adult use of the facilities is no different than the children usage, except the participants in the adult usage voluntarily exchanged any bodily fluids exchanged. People of the community and Nancy Grace are just too self-important thinking they have the right to complain about the lawful use of the facility. It is a business, not your property to command. Get a freaking life.

All the complaining parents need to realize that their children were not exposed to the semi-nude or nudity on display at the adults event. They were not even exposed to the topic until the parents exposed them to it. If it washes off, do not worry about it. If it hasn’t been washed then bitch about it. But, take you communist asses elsewhere if you are going to complain about a handful of adults having fun, even if you do not recognize their type of fun as fun. 

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