Teen apologizes for attack caught on tape

Is he trying to manipulate someone, or is he actually meaning what he says?

Teen apologizes for attack caught on tape


Our subject video details an incident in which a 13 year old boy is sucker punched by a 14 year old much bigger boy. The entire event is captured to cam and published on YouTube. The 15 year old get’s picked up and charged by the police. He later is interviewed by TV Reporters and is very apologetic for his attack upon the other youth. But! The key to this story is in one of the first things he says,

“When you are doing it you don’t even think of it you just think of being cool . . .”

When did we raise our children to be sheep? Hey, if Billy jumps off a bridge, do you do it too? The “cool” kid is not a follower. The “cool” kid doesn’t do anything to be cool. He leads and does what he feels like doing because he wants to, not to impress anybody. There is not a single person out there that is “cool” for beating on someone else. It is your immature mind that leads you to believe that just because you are afraid of anyone’s disfavor you have to say such an act is cool. If it is not cool if it is done to you, it certainly is not cool when you do it to someone else. GTFU! ( Grow the f^&% up! ) Use your mind. Quit trying to be cool, you will likely not succeed. Cool is derived from not being an offense to humanity. Beating up on somebody makes you an anal orifice, unless you are defending someone from someone that has already earned that position.

Coming to the defense of another is cool. It is also demonstrative of having “heart” and the “guts”  to stand for something rather than being a poser trying to achieve cool. As a youngster, you are constantly trying to be old enough to be considered an adult. I know many people of adult age, that are not adults. Being adult means you are smart enough to know the difference between right and wrong. Being an adult means when Billy is picking a bridge to jump from, you aren’t planning on how to be cool like Billy. Billy is dead stupid! How the hell is dead, cool? Cool is being able to go to a party and not get so drunk that you puke all over yourself driving home drunk, because everyone else was getting stupid drunk.

If you want to be cool . . . the first thing you do . . . is quit following what all the other cool wannabe’s thinks is cool.  

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