A woman’s plea in her native Spanish goes untranslated; she is killed – CNN.com

This is stupidity behind the badge!

A woman’s plea in her native Spanish goes untranslated; she is killed – CNN.com

Why would an Officer take a report from a person that the officer cannot understand the written or spoken language of?. Give this just a few moments thought. You are assigned to take reports from victims of spousal abuse, a violent crime, and a woman comes in and gives you a report of such violence and because you cannot understand the language she speaks or writes you have absolutely no idea what she is trying to tell you. So do you just take her written report and let her leave without trying to ensure that she will not be victimized further? When an Officer takes a report verbal or written and does not understand what he is being told, he calls somebody that can understand the victim. Why? Because that is what cops are supposed to do. The lady gives you a report that says her husband is going to kill her, and you take the report and let her leave? Bullshit!

Our subject story tells us of a lady who made multiple reports of spousal abuse, that never got read by anyone that understood the language until after she and her children were dead. Now, were her language unknown to most and difficult to figure out or her having difficulty speaking or writing her language due to mental or physical issue, it still would not be acceptable to take such a report and not have it immediately reviewed to ascertain if the victim was in any type of danger. Most spousal abuse is violent or threat of violence. What kind of Cop takes a report of violence and does nothing? This is the negligence that gets stupid cops promoted to even stupider. And seriously, every cop in the cop that took the report, that is in his food chain should be made to answer for such negligence.

C’mon! You are a little kid and your mom goes to the cops to tell them that her life is in danger, and the cops do not even bother to read her report until after she, you, and your sister  have been found murdered . . . WTF!

I seriously question the role Law Enforcement plays in today’s society. It seems as though cops do not understand the responsibilities associated with wearing a badge. It is as if being unconcerned and negligent is part of Academy training with most of the cops patrolling our streets today. Somebody needs to ascertain who the Officer was that took this lady’s report and ask him if he is proud of his inability to be a real cop. What a disgrace to the badge this cop must be . . .

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