Southeast sex-trafficking case exposes horrors of the trade –

This is a situation that could be corrected easily, if Americans would just open their eyes

Southeast sex-trafficking case exposes horrors of the trade –

All across America, in every City, Town, or suburb,  victims of slavery/sexual slavery are abused right before our eyes and we as a Nation seem to care little about it. Sure, our Law Enforcement performs a few operations every year to clean up the neighborhood and get the prostitutes off the street, but this could be given far more attention than it is getting. I am not talking about the local “working girls” that seem to enjoy spreading their legs for a few dollars. I am talking about women and children kidnapped and forced into prostitution by threat or intimidation. I am talking about women and children imported into our Country legally as household labor or illegally snuck across our borders, forced into sexual slavery by threat or intimidation. I am talking about victims of crimes so repulsive that most of us could never imagine the abuse these victims suffer.

Could you imagine being a young woman or young child forced to have sex with 25 or more men, before your allowed to eat a meal? Really! Think about it. 25 unkempt, dirty, sweaty, fat, skinny, bald, bearded, nasty, full head of hair, slobbering, belching, farting, and ejaculating men that do not have sex with you with intent to provide any gratification for you men, one right after another, using your body any way they pay for? Give it a little more thought. Think about the most repulsive man you can think of. Now, let him do whatever he wants to you sexually 25 times or more per day? And, what do you get in return for providing yourself for the pleasure of others? Beat up if you complain and possibly beat up even if you don’t complain. How much disease is distributed this way?

Can you imagine 1 of the 25 men she had to sleep with today is a man with and STD or HIV. Subsequent infection of others could and probably does significantly pose serious health threat to our community. I do not care if you use a condom or not, you know these women and children are not provided the means nor resources for proper hygiene or medical checks. And after the abuse they suffer daily, why would they even care?

Put this situation into a better perspective: Imagine any of these victims is your sister, daughter, son, or mother. Is it okay now? Every one of these victims is somebody’s relative, somebody’s little sister, niece, nephew, aunt, or grandmother. And it is one thing the victims few in number, but the numbers are higher than most anyone might believe. Slavery in America today may actually be more criminal than the slavery of Blacks long ago. At least then slaves were all known as slaves, recognized mostly by the color of their skin, and most of the abuse was visible to everyone. Today’s slavery is composed of people of all colors and ages, the victims are hidden from the public eye but right before our eyes, and the abuse is the misuse and fear that no human should have to endure . . .

Our subject story tells us about a couple of Mexican women brought to America for sexual exploitation and the profit of their keepers. If you have not heard any of the stories on this topic you should read the subject story. It paints a sad story both for the victims and for the state of America today. Slavery in America today is not about picking cotton and tending to households. It is about people that use people for things that people should not be used for, regardless of law. Do you understand that the crime of slavery in America today is being committed right before our eyes, right in the open, possibly even to someone you know, and nobody is seeing it.

Allow me to explain a little better. A woman that sells her body for the sexual pleasure of someone else, is a prostitute. A woman that is exploited by someone and sold to someone else for their sexual pleasure against her will by threat of violence is not a prostitute, but a slave. A woman that gets paid to perform household cleaning services has a job. A woman that has been brought to this country with promise of a job and a great life that has her passport taken from them and is forced to perform as a household servant without pay, is a slave. Children kidnapped and/or runaway’s forced to perform sex acts under threat of violence are slaves. People that enslave and exploit others for profit or pleasure are criminals. And, they are committing their crime on our streets, in our neighborhoods, with very little fear of anybody stopping them.

And if there is one thing that pisses me off, it’s some scumbag criminal making a few grand a day tax-free breaking the law, while I work my ass off every day and make a whole lot less . . .  

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