Black vs. white man breaking into car

Is this the way we want things to be?

Black vs. white man breaking into car


In this subject video a young Black and a young White guy take turns at trying to break into a car. The results are a poor example of us as a society, and an offense to common decency. Where does racism come from? Is there something that we have failed to do in effort to rid our society of racism? Are minorities part of the failure to eradicate racism from our society? Is our society full of “closet racist” that have influence over the populace? What is it that makes people think one race “this” and another “that”?

If you were to give racism a little thought, what would you say is the problem we face in creation of a non-racist society? Having given this topic a little consideration, I wonder if minorities are their own worst enemy in the elimination of racism in the United States. Now, do not go getting your panties all tied in a knot . . . I am merely seeking to bring a little discussion on where things are going wrong in the fight to end racism, not create a racist incident.

As far back as I can remember, Blacks rally at any time a Black is killed by Police or in any incident that involves a Black killed by a person of another race. No other race rallies like this. But, people of numerous races will rally with Blacks during these situations. Whites can be killed, Hispanics can be killed, Asians can be killed, but nobody rallies for them. It matters little if the person rallied for has committed a wrong worthy of the support of those that participate in these rallies. Is this an act of racism? Remember, there are incidents in the past where Black Activists created incident claiming White people assaulted and raped a young Black woman, that did not happen. The Black Activists intent was to create racial unrest and attempt to cause disfavor of certain people in positions of influence or authority. I guess the question I pose is why do these people rally for the death of a Black person but not for a similar incident involving a person of different race.

At times such as the incident where Rodney King got his ass beat by a handful of cops these rallies become violent and costly to communities nation-wide. Nobody cared that Rodney King was the cause of the situation, only that he got his ass beat by a bunch of cops. The subsequent riots caused severe damage to property and harm to many lives. The cops that beat him ended up prosecuted for their crime. Rodney King got rich for his role as an idiot. Millions of tax dollars were wasted. And, nobody remembers that Rodney King’s failure to act right was the cause of  it all.

A White boy by the name of Kelley Thomas was recently the victim of Police beating. He later died from his injuries. It was caught on film. There was no rally for Kelley Thomas. Police were prosecuted and all walked free. I don’t think anybody got rich from the beating. There were no riots. No additional property damage or harm to human life. I doubt many of any race know the name Kelley Thomas.

I think the problem with racism, is the fact that minorities only see themselves as victims of poor treatment by the Courts, Police, and other Government Agency. The facts are that there is a different divide that people fail to recognize. Money! Poor Whites, are treated just as poorly as poor minorities are. What I mean is if you live in a low income neighborhood, you get treated like a criminal by police. Even services like Utilities treat you poorly. The street I live on is very mixed racially. There are no drug dealers selling dope visibly on the street. We all seem to get along with each other fine. Most the neighborhood is made up of hard working responsible people trying to survive another day. But, the neighborhood is routinely targeted by local law enforcement because it is a low income neighborhood. Just this past week a young Black man was arrested for not having his identification in his possession three doors from his home. He had no criminal record and has never been in direct contact with the law before. I do not believe I have ever heard of a White man being arrested for the same offense. Not saying it has not happened, just that I have never heard of it. The problem with his being arrested is he will always be thoughtful of this situation whenever he has contact with Law Enforcement. Hard to believe, but a cop may have just planted the seeds of racism in a young Black man without justification . . . Which quickly starts such seed to grow.

Another consideration relevant to racism, Blacks have used aggressive behavior and intimidation for years to achieve whatever they have wanted. They have done so to the extent that folks are afraid of them without cause. Is this what the Black Leaders of the past wanted to achieve? I doubt it. Fear can be a powerful tool when necessary, but has it been used so much that even the slightest indication of aggression by a Black man is reason to take defensive action?

Throughout most of America, gangs are a concern for everybody of all races. They tend to align along racial lines and bring with them a violence second to none. Racial posturing and violence provide nothing but more racial unrest. In truth, most of these gangs are intimidating to all including their own race. Criminal acts by one race against another seem to foster unwarranted racism. White people robbed by another race do not seem to realize they may have gotten robbed because they appeared to have money, not because they are white. People of all colors seem to take exception to being a victim of violence committed to them by another race, but fail to realize criminals also come in all colors in America.

Why is any of this important? Because in America today there are few families that do not have some sort of racial mix. It may not be in your home, but somewhere in your family there is likely an influence of another race. We have learned to love other races within our families. We have befriended our neighbors and coworkers of differing colors. All of us have worked with, for, or by agreement with people of all colors. We have proven that when necessary, we can cooperate for the betterment of all concerned. Isn’t it about time that we proved that we can do better than that.

I am sorry to see that the subject story revealed the result it did, but I also question the validity of it. Had the test of been performed on my street, the result would not have been the same. And to perform such a test in a predominately White neighborhood is irresponsible and an offense onto itself. Creating racial issue to prove racial issue exists is just as bad as any other offense of racism. If you want to stop racism, quit being racist. Plain and simple, quit being racist. I find it hard to believe that the only change in America so far as racism is concerned, is in how politically correct we can be when necessary . . .

( I apologize for any offense made by this article. My intent is to create thought to put an end to racial unrest. I live with people of all different races every day and have little difficulty recognizing the “assholes” amongst us regardless of color. I just would like to think that some of the rest of the people have matured enough to make the same realization. )

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