Six police officers in California town arrested in corruption scheme –

Who didn’t know this was going to happen, EVERYWHERE!

Six police officers in California town arrested in corruption scheme –

When the law decided to allow Law Enforcement to take peoples vehicles for offenses like registration violations, failure to appear, and other simple offenses . . . Who didn’t know it was an invitation to corruption? And although the Feds have only identified one town in California that has cops profiting from this situation, there is little doubt that every city in California has at least one cop doing this.

A law does not become a law until someone figures out a way to profit from it. And, it does not take a brain surgeon to figure out how to profit from this law. Just look around you. There are so many used vehicles for sale, from lien sales and auctions, it is ridiculous. All it takes is a few minutes in a low income neighborhood and you can pick up a few thousand dollars in impounded cars. You know that the people living in this neighborhood cannot afford the outrageous tow and impound fees charged. And, when the owner cannot pay the day the vehicle impounded you know he won’t be able to rescue his vehicle as the daily charges continue to mount. And, cops target every corner of the low income neighborhoods to tow away and impound peoples cars.

But who should be charged with a law violation in this situation? The law was intended to penalize people that had not paid their vehicle to the State DMV. Who doesn’t jump rush run to pay DMV? The poor, the low income wage earner, or the undocumented alien. The State Of California decided to enact a law that specifically targeted these people, knowing full well they had done so when they did it. The “asshole” that allowed this law be passed should be charged with “discrimination” and “corruption” because this law provided for both.

What kind of Government allows the taking of a man’s second most valuable property, impounds it at a cost the man can never afford, and then allows those that take the property to profit by it? Because the man cannot afford to feed his family and pay DMV? There is not a Police Department, Sheriff’s Department, or any other Law Enforcement agency in the State Of California that has the ability to impound people’s cars that is not guilty of this type of corruption. And, every cop knows it. Somebody needs to make the person responsible for signing this law in effect and make him pay for this wrong-doing because he knew he was creating this problem when he signed it.

You will excuse me, but stupid shit like this is why we have problems between cops and citizens today. It just surprises me that it took so damn long for law enforcement to respond to the situation themselves. No individual officer should have the lawful ability to take the possessions of a citizen, and that is what this law provided. I know of a woman who had her $15,000.00 car impounded because she admitted to residing in the State of California for over 30 days and had not yet gone to the DMV and got a California registration and plate for her car. She also had not yet secured local employment allowing her enough money to pay to retrieve her car from impound. This law allowed Law Enforcement Officers to impound a persons vehicle for up to 30 days, at the Officer’s discretion. This meant that an officer could by his own decision impound a vehicle and set how much it would cost the person to retrieve the vehicle. With the standard tow and impound costs around $250.00 or higher, coupled with daily charges for storage of about $75.00 per day, people were stuck with a price tag of about $2500.00 to retrieve their vehicle. When they could not afford the costs, guess who picks up the vehicles?

You would have to be damn near “brain dead” to not see what was going on in this situation, but the State Of California allowed it to continue for years. It is the same with the County Fees added to traffic tickets in California. We live in a day of “Boss Hogg” and every jurisdiction within the State is corrupt . . . I hope every officer that took advantage of this situation is real proud of himself today!

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