Could Of Been A Real Rant Day . . .

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a windscreen for my motorcycle. When it arrived five days later it was beautiful. I was happy as a clam. ( Why do we say that? I have never known a clam with reason to be happy. ) Anyway, I was happy . . . Until I discovered that it arrived less the applicable hardware and instructions. So, I contacted the manufacturer and told them all about it. The manufacturer directed me to the place of purchase for resolution. The place of purchase had me provide him as much information about the transaction as possible and even wanted me to send him pictures of the box the item came in. Five days later, I still do not have the necessary hardware.

Now I do not know about you folks, but when I am a customer, I am a customer. I expect to be treated as a valued customer and I expect the folks I buy from to be very concerned for my satisfaction. This, in this case, was not the case. Instead of them saying “we are sorry for the error, we will send the hardware to you immediately.” They screwed around and hurt my feelings. ( Yes, they pissed me off. ) Well, being the ever polite consumer I chose to send an email to their representative suggesting my dissatisfaction and suggested that I just return the item at their expense for refund and seek an alternative provider of the product for purchase. I received a prompt telephone call from the seller who  said they would send me the necessary hardware. Fifteen minutes later I get a call from the manufacturer telling me that they will send the hardware direct to me. Okay, I can live with this . . .

Another week has past and I have come home to discover no delivery has yet to arrive with my hardware. I must admit to being more disappointed than angry. I really wanted this item, but without the hardware it was useless to me. It was too late in the afternoon, and Friday. So, what could I do about it today? Nothing! So, I proceeded to do what any intelligent, disappointed, and borderline pissed adult male would do. I laid down and sulked on the couch until I fell asleep.

The sun is long gone from the sky, it is clearly dark outside but  subsequent to a loud knock upon my front door a voice hollers “delivery” and I wake up expecting Chinese food although I did not order any.  A moment or two later I suggest to the scantily clad young lady laying halfway across my chest, that she retrieve the delivery from the front porch and as she does so I discover my hardware has arrived. I am immediately transformed into “Steve Martin.”

“The new phone book is here.” Oops! “My hardware is here. My new hardware is here.” And, in the dark, in the rain, and in the cold . . . about two hours later my new windscreen is mounted upon my motorcycle. I stand back to admire my new windscreen and suddenly I am no longer angry with the seller, the manufacturer, or anyone else. Sure it is not mounted perfectly, but a little crooked. But, I do not care. I just want to ride. A couple more hours have passed and I have been back home for about thirty minutes.

And, I just cannot find another excuse to take a ride. I want to. But, in the rain? At this time of night? Wait, I have to go to the 7-11 on the far side of town for, for, for . . . I am not sure but I will think of something I need when I get there.

Hey, ya’ all have a good morning, I gotta go to the store!

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