George Zimmerman a victim?

My Boy George Zimmerman Back In The News Again!

George Zimmerman a victim?

You know, I feel embarrassed for all the schmucks that contributed to the Zimmerman Defense Fund. Zimmerman was nothing more than a cop wannabe that got his spineless ass scared by a black kid so he shot the kid. No it is not racism, it is a grown man allowed to play cop, carrying a gun, wearing plain clothes, and driving around a neighborhood in an unmarked vehicle. Neighborhood Watch does not do this. Security Patrols do not do this. Only George Zimmerman does this and gets away with it.

This chump kills a young black kid, gets away with it, and now claims he is a “scape-goat” for the Government. George Zimmerman was fortunate that the government failed to properly charge and prosecute him for the murder of Treyvon Martin. Now, George Zimmerman is consistently finding his way back into the media claiming himself the victim in every situation that he walks in to.

Hey George! Yeah, hey Georgie Boy! Hey over here . . . Listen you putz. You were a wannabe cop. Never to be anything more than a wannabe. In your negligence you killed a kid and in the governments negligence you got away with it. You split the Nation and brought racism to it’s highest in 50 years. Shut up, sit down, and disappear. You are little more than a disgrace as a human being and I do not care how many people are stupid enough to support you and buy your art work, you are still a first class loser.

In case you folks cannot tell, I DO NOT support George Zimmerman in any shape form or fashion. He should never have been allowed to conduct security for the neighborhood in the manner he was and even if he was having to defend himself from Treyvon Martin, it was due to his own negligence and that negligence got another person killed. Zimmerman should have been found guilty of the murder of Treyvon Martin and our Justice System demonstrated it’s failures by failing to do so.

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