The most corrupt town in America?

This corruption is Nation-Wide, why pick on just one little town?

The most corrupt town in America?

Ever since the financial crisis of 2007 local government agencies have done everything they can to empty the populace wallets, but the existence of such corruption was started long prior to that.

Do you live in a city that gives parking tickets for Street Sweeping? Does your city continue issuing tickets after the Street Sweeper has completed his cleaning of the street? The parking restriction for street sweeping is intended to provide for the removal of cars so that the Street Sweeper may pass through the area unhindered to clean the street. Although it may have such intent, some cities continue to cite vehicles on streets that have already had the street sweeping completed when citing such vehicles is not necessary as the work has been completed. When you calculate the amount of citations multiplied by the price tag of each I have little doubt that a lot of money is involved. And, the city’s tend to find it acceptable to do so as there may one day be a situation in which the street sweeping need be performed a second time that day. In over 45 years and residence in many cities in the U.S. I have yet to see a need for a Street Sweeper to return to a neighborhood twice in the same day. I am not saying it has not occurred, just that I have never seen such. I also note that this does not seem to occur in the more affluent neighborhoods. To further demonstrate the impropriety of this action consider this: This makes every cop writing one of these tickets after the street sweeping has taken place a co-conspirator in the act of taking money from the public not due the government.

In California a law was passed that allowed Police to impound cars that were not legally registered. This allowed corruption of police officers statewide as it provided the opportunity for police officers to impound vehicles from poor people that did not have the financial ability to recover their vehicles from the impound. Recently, six police officers and the police chief of a small California town were arrested for a scheme in which they targeted the poor, impounding their vehicles and later taking personal possession of or reselling the vehicles for profit when the owners were unable to rescue their cars from impound. But, this is not just happening in this one small town, it is happening everywhere in California. The law is so corrupt that it allows police officers themselves to set a impound time of up to 30 days at the police officers discretion. With the initial impound costs are $250.00 or higher, the addition of around $70.00 per day in storage fees easily could provide the vehicle owner with retrieval costs of $2500.00 or more if their vehicle impounded for the full 30 days. The amount of money involved in this scheme must be staggering to say the least. Again, those impacted are the less affluent. Do you know how many police officers may be involved in such corruption created by this law? I do not even have a clue, but I suspect it is far more than anyone suspects.

Even the Courts Nation-Wide have found their way to take your money from you in the form of Court Assessments. Court Assessments are fees charged for not paying traffic tickets, failure to appear, and multiple offense violations. In the case of a unanswered or unpaid traffic citation a person is already punished by the Department Of Motor Vehicles by suspension of the persons driver’s license until the matter resolved. But, the Courts decided that they also got a chance to penalize people too by adding these assessments as additional penalty in addition to the imposed traffic fines. In California this amounts to about $300.00 per occurrence.  In the past if you were unable to afford paying the applicable fine, you didn’t go to court, DMV suspended your license, and after the Statute Of Limitations for the traffic offense was past a driver could go to Court and get the hold on their license removed. The driver was still penalized for the offense by loss of their license for at least one year, but the Court did not care about justice, they wanted money. So now, these assessments are imposed in which each citation unanswered by the driver will still hold an assessment fee of about $600.00 for the combined failure to appear and failure to pay. Another monetary figure that must be staggering when calculated. And again, targets the less affluent.

Never before in America been so corrupt as it is today. And while it is justified by a number of claims, almost all of it targets the less affluent. Predatory Marketing has been around since the beginning of business. Predatory Marketing is where a person that is struggling to survive financially gets penalized when he fails to meet financial obligation. This is where you get charged for a bounced check, a late payment, and now whatever the Courts decide to hit you with. But, predatory marketing targets only one class, the less affluent. When a person is unable to meet his obligation for one reason or another, rather than do something to help the person, we assess additional charges to the person forcing them further into financial distress. To those that have the financial capability to overcome the additional costs, they  are fortunate, but to the lesser affluent it just pushes them further down the road to financial failure. We find this acceptable in America. This corruption impacts almost every government jurisdiction in America, and it appears as though nobody sees the wrong in it.

I do not know how many people affected by the aforementioned financial crisis also became victim of predatory marketing by their creditors, their government, or others but I suspect a majority of those that lost their homes and/or their jobs fell victim. How did the financial crisis begin? The more affluent taking advantage of the less affluent and the government allowing such to happen. But, were any of the affluent charged with the crimes that created the financial crisis? Oh, you do not think crimes were committed to cause such a crisis? Of course there were crimes committed, but the only  persons financially impacted were the poor. When the poor are effected nobody gives a damn. The affluent benefit by every bit of this. And it bothers them not a bit that they target those less fortunate in acquiring such benefit.

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