Sex Laws – Legal Restrictions on Sex – Woman’s Day

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Sex Laws – Legal Restrictions on Sex – Woman’s Day

Granted, my interesting may not be your interesting, but it might be just interesting enough for you to give it the once over as you pass through my site. Our subject story is a little information from the writers at Woman’s Day Magazine in which they discuss the laws in certain states which restrict the seeking of sexual pleasure in certain ways, times, or places. It may pay to do the research in your area to see if there are laws that you may violate when you are hoping to get your “freak” on.

I have traveled a good deal of this planet, met people far and wide, and you would be amazed at how many freaks there are out there. Everything from A to Z and then some is out there just waiting for you to try it and find your sexual niche, or satisfy your sexual itch. But, could it possibly really be against the law to do that? Of course it might be against the law. Everything that we do and enjoy is governed by law somehow someway, somewhere.

I do not know what laws are specifically violated for having sex while operating a motor vehicle, but I believe it against the law in all 50 states. In addition to being against the law, it can be damn dangerous. I have to admit to being a violator of this law on numerous occasions. It is also against the law in most if not all states to pull over on the side of the freeway to participate in sex acts. Yes, I have violated such law also. Repeatedly. With the same woman. I have no idea if participation in sex acts while navigating a vessel is a violation of any laws, but if it is, I could be in deep trouble. Sex on a Bus is rude if you are observed by anyone that is offended by it, and probably violates some Federal law if you cross state lines.

I could continue telling you of my sexual exploits, but that would further distract you from checking out our subject story. Regardless, when next we meet remind me to tell you about the time I . . .

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