Child punched in brazen iPad robbery


Child punched in brazen iPad robbery

What a punk! This guy smashes some little kid in the face and then steals  his ipad. I have to admit that when I see a criminal that appears to be a big tough guy, but attacks small children or the elderly, I see punk. I mean, how can any self-respecting criminal hold his head up after attacking a little kid? “Yeah man, I whooped this motherfucker good.” “I beat this little boy down, grabbed his ipad, and ran from his grandmother.”

I think there needs to be better standards for criminal conduct out there. Let’s call it the:


  1. No Criminal shall attack any person that is not of similar size and stature to the criminal.
  2. Small Children and the Elderly are to be the targets of only those criminals of the same class. Children can target children and Elderly can target the elderly.
  3. Criminals although not required to, are expected to retreat from Grandmothers.
  4. Criminals with Gang Affiliation are not to commit crimes while wearing gang colors except during the late evening hours in the bad part of town. And, may only target adversarial gang members.
  5. Crimes such as Robbery, Burglary, and Battery are only to be committed during the early morning hours, visible to the public, and preferably in the view of security cameras to make capture and prosecution easier.
  6. Crimes such as Rape, Sexual Exploitation, and Sexual Slavery are to be committed only in cooperation with media sting shows or FBI rescue efforts. If possible, ensure that Johns are also rounded up and put on display to the public eye to ensure their being found guilty of an offense without having yet appeared before any Court.
  7. Criminals will schedule the commission of crimes to provide Equal Opportunity Apprehension instead of letting Blacks get all the attention of Law Enforcement and the Courts.
  8. Criminals will no longer run from police except during “rush-hour traffic” and during daylight hours so that we can all have access to quality media reporting with video.
  9. Criminals will immediately commence wearing sound capable video cameras when in the commission of, or during subsequent arrest of a crime so that we can ensure Law Enforcement compliance with treating criminals better than average citizens. Criminals are professionals and deserve treatment as such.


You get the idea. Do you think it will work if we distribute copies to all the prisons and street corners of every major city? Hey, it was just an idea . . . No need to get all prissy with me about it. It is be3tter than anything the government lawmakers have come up with and I tried to create a situation in which we all got to view the results of crime on our local television or Internet news. Sheeesh! Damn, give a guy a break . . .

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