Dashcam shows cop shoot elderly man

Imagine if you will, that you are an old man and you have been pulled over by the police.

Dashcam shows cop shoot elderly man


Being the good citizen that you are you exit your vehicle to speak with the officer. As you exit your vehicle  you reach in to grab your cane and as you do the cop opens fire on you because he mistakes your cane for a shotgun. Face it folks, cops are scared out there. They get messed with so much by people, that it takes very little to push a cop into defense mode.

The streets are a war zone today with criminals playing their games and getting in the cop’s faces. Almost every criminal has a weapon of some sort. And, in order for the cop to best defend himself he has got to be quick. He has to evaluate the situation quickly based upon what he sees or senses and respond to it immediately. Sometimes 70 year old men pulling their cane from their vehicle get shot. That is the nature of the business.

I watched that video repeatedly. I can see how the cop would have believed the cane a shotgun. I can understand the cop firing on the old man. In the subject video the cop had a tough split-second decision to make. The situation sucked, but from the cop’s position he was in danger. And, he did what he had to do.

There are lots of reasons for people that get stopped by police not to have anything in their hands. Today’s technology has everyone with their cell phone or other electronics in their hands almost 24/7. Can a cop mistake your cell phone for a weapon? Of course he can. In the case of the old man in the subject story, I have seen canes reconfigured to be used as a weapon. I have seen martial arts weapons that double as key chains, toys, and yard tools. Weapons come in every size and shape.

The wise thing to do is empty your hands of all things when an officer approaches you. Never exit your vehicle until the officer instructs you to. And, always cooperate with the officer, even if he is wrong. Regardless the situation, it can be straightened out later, in a far less stressful environment. Yes, I understand this means some of us will be arrested wrongly. Arrested is better than dead, no matter what.

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