Patrons wrestle gun-wielding ‘Rambo’ to ground at Palm Coast bar

Okay folks, it is “What Would You Do” time . . .

Patrons wrestle gun-wielding ‘Rambo’ to ground at Palm Coast bar

Our subject story tells us of a couple of guys that encounter a guy with guns and knives coupled with a less than desirable attitude that causes a bit of a situation. My question; What would you do in a similar situation?

Your first clue of a problem is when anyone carrying a gun into a bar in open sight without a badge shows up. This is almost a 100% guaranteed situation. If you see someone come into a bar with a visible rifle and visible knives, there is about to be serious trouble. The only exception I can think of, will likely have a visible badge somewhere where it can be seen.

So, say somebody walks into your local watering hole dressed in camo-fatigues carrying a couple military style knives strapped to his belt, carrying a large rifle, pistol, or other threatening weapon, what would you do? I have to hand it to the guys in our subject story because they probably did the best possible move by attacking the guy and taking control of the weapons. I mean, face it, even if the guy was not there to see you, he was likely there to see someone that would not appreciate his visit. And, taking him down before he started firing off rounds at anyone is always a good idea.

My concern comes from the idea that there was more people in the bar at the time that stood by and watched the two guys take down the gunman. If you are ever in a bar and see such a situation, do not let two guys do a job that can be better done by ten guys. That’s right, rat-pack the gunman until he is completely under control, restrained, and weapons secured. It will happen to many of us, but few of us will react accordingly and later find ourselves at serious risk. I have never met a bullet that gave a damn whom it was targeted to.

Bullets do not care if you are of any particular color, sex, or any other choices applicable. They do not care if you young or old, pregnant or just plump, if it your birthday or anniversary, bullets simply do not care. So, the second that first round is fired, somebody is going to get hurt. And in today’s society, we have gunmen that do not care whom they target so long as they hurt someone because now everybody is to blame for a man’s failures and pain.

Trust me, the most dangerous thing for you to do in such a situation, is nothing. Standing there being a spectator is stupid. Either get in the fight helping take the gunman down or run. Either way, do something other than stand there waiting for the situation to go the wrong way so you can be a target. This is an interactive blog, feel free to participate or comment . . .

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