4 thoughts on “Designer L’Wren Scott, Mick Jagger’s girlfriend, found dead – CNN.com

  1. That’s all you had to say about it? No conspiracies from the government. No corrupt cops? No sex trades? No other theories? I must say, I was left with nothing to say. Lol


      • Still got the boo-boo huh? I’ll let this one slide, but expect more tomorrow. You still have the other hand and I haven’t read anything lately about any toes getting cut off. Take care.


      • Went to Kaiser this afternoon. They wanted to cut me open, put a pin in my thumb, sew me back up, and send me home. After I cried like a little girl for a few minutes they put a new wrap on my arm/wrist/thumb/chest/groin/and ankle and told me that if I could ride my bike like that I could go home. But if I couldn’t, I had to return inside for the rest of the full body wrap they wanted to give me. Surprisingly, rush hour commuters were very accommodating this evening . . .


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