Dolphin Bites Child’s Hand at SeaWorld


Dolphin Bites Child’s Hand at SeaWorld


As much as I am opposed to mistreatment of any living creature, has anyone taken the time to see what benefit Sea World and similar business bring to the table?

  • How many of you would never have EVER actually seen such creatures if not by such business?
  • Despite recent incidents of human injury or death by interaction with these creatures, does it not amaze you that humans and these creatures are capable of interaction at all?
  • Where else can both human and creature learn such interaction and demonstrate the actual cooperation with each other?
  • Would your children of ever had the opportunity to actually see the wondrous sea creatures elsewhere? Their children?

It is easy to find fault with such a business, but face it, most of us have never actually seen any of these creatures except at such a place. Our education relative to these creatures is severely limited because we have so little interaction with the sea. You would have to expect that if you were to dangle your little hand in front of a dolphin or piss off a killer whale either in captivity or in the wild . . . You can get hurt.

Let’s consider another possibility . . .

  • How many of these creatures would still be alive today if left in the wild?
  • How many would have been subjected to ecological disaster?
  • How may would have met the end of life due to natural predator?
  • How many would have been captured and killed due to fishing?

I do not support the mistreatment of animals, or humans. I do believe that there is a better way for handling of such creatures. But, I also believe that when you consider that most of our nation will never see a real live whale except on television that bringing some into captivity to learn from is important. I do not know where changes could be made to make this a better situation for everyone, but elimination of these type of business is not a good idea in my opinion.

I do not have any answers, just a lot of questions . . . However, the video below demonstrates how important it is that we leave these wonderful creatures alone to live their lives in the freedom of their natural habitat.



    4 thoughts on “Dolphin Bites Child’s Hand at SeaWorld

    1. Obviously your attempt at rectal-cranial inversion is also a failure. If you will note my dear “know everything” friend, after all that garbage I followed it up with a video that said “LEAVE THEM ALONE!” But, in your haste to develop what you consider the best opinion you failed to see I argued both sides of the topic. Now, unless you can read the entire posting and respond responsibly, with dignity and politeness, wince your ass off my site.

      You my friend are a pompous ass . . .


      • Rich, you mention arguing both sides? That’s a very commendable intention “the video below demonstrates how important it is that we leave these wonderful creatures alone to live their lives in the freedom of their natural habitat” is an important observation that is very true and should make the rest of your article moot.

        However, the one liner hardly attempts to argue the other side. In fact your cards are stacked against those free whales you included to make it seem like your writing a balanced article. It’s not. But I can answer those questions if you’re open to the answers…

        Most oceans have wild dolphins in their marine environment- seeing them in their natural habitat would teach you kids and your kids kids that this is where they belong to properly learn from them, they must be free. And save $$$ on marine park expenses.

        Your last series of questions are answered by mother natures delicate balance, without humans intervention, dolphins has swam free for the last (at least) 38 million years….humans have only been here 200,000. So who’s house are we guests? And who’s resources are we kidnapping for our entertainment? The education si only done in the wild, otherwise you’re studying a prisoner in solitary confinement, all for being the oldest mammal on this vast planet.

        Thanks and i look forward to your next piece and hoping its more balanced , those free whales deserve more.


        • Now see, this is what I am talking about! I thank you for both an intelligent as well as informative response to the topic. The previous commenter that chose to just be insulting is a very knowledgeable person. He could have provided a similar response that would have been worthy of discussion, but he failed to do so.

          You will note I stated I had none of the answers, thus no balance was truly attainable. You, the informed person are the balance. And, I thank you for that. I agree with pretty much everything you add to the topic, but I do believe that we would benefit from some form of responsible interaction with these creatures as they are quite intelligent and a connection can be made. I do not have adequate knowledge on how such interaction can be made, but I have seen the acknowledgement in the eyes of a creature rescued, or at least believe so. Heck he might of been telling me I was a dumbass while I thought he was saying thank you.

          Anyway, thank you for your response. It is greatly appreciated . . . Thanks!


    2. You know what pisses me off the most . . . Is you probably could have made a well informed comment that would enlighten others on this topic, but you chose to prove yourself superior in intelligence and a master of the topic instead. The world is full of people like you, when it needs more people to stop and discuss important topics so people understand them better. BTW, how many dolphins and whales have you swam with? Have you ever pulled either from out of a fishing net? How about sharks? Are you a scuba-diver? Have you ever been on a beach trying to rescue beached whales and/or dolphins, or even just to clean the beach? What credentials do you bring to the table fore this topic? Do you have any experience with any kind of animal? What a waste of both our efforts and time.


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