Have You Ever Encoutered A Person Knowledgeable Of A Topic . . .

I love this! Yesterday I wrote a little blurb about the sea creatures in captivity at places like Sea World trying to add all the opinions that I have heard others say while staying away from the opinions of the professionals in the science of these creatures, just to cause a little thought on the topic. What I got in response, was an insulting rant from a guy that just was not very damn nice at all.

I responded to him the first time to tell him I did not appreciate his comments at all, but found myself still irritated that he chose to be a “dick” rather than discuss the topic responsibly. Then I followed this guys link which shows this guy is very involved in the topic and should be very well informed. Remember the gal that got treated like crap because she made contact with a lady that ran a “job site?”

Well I encountered one in this guy. Here he is, knows everything about the topic, reading my blog which clearly states that I have none of the answers, and instead of his providing answer to some of the questions, he acts like a dick and insults me. All you PROFFESSIONALS out there pay attention . . . Believe it or not, some of the rest of us would like to hear the information you can provide, but none of us give a damn about your piss poor attitude.

Anyway, I responded to him a second time asking for his credentials relative to the topic. I wonder what he will have to say . .  But, rather than wait for his negative attitude, lets benefit from his knowledge and his other efforts at educating the public. Here’s a link to his twitter . . . https://twitter.com/VisualDataPros  If you are truly interested in the issues relative to our abuse of sea creatures you may want to follow this guy. He does appear to be very involved and well informed.

One thought on “Have You Ever Encoutered A Person Knowledgeable Of A Topic . . .

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