Youth Is Wasted On The Young!

Bernard Shaw a long time ago said, “Youth is wasted on the young.” And, I agree. Why the heck are we given all the tools to do wondrous things when we are too young to know what such a thing is, and by the time we figure it out we are too damn old to do what is necessary to make it happen.

Even sex! Why give all that beauty and health to the young that are too young to parent, to young to know what obstacles life will provide them, or even how many different sexual positions there are. Heck, it should be the other way around. A 60 year old person has learned all the right moves, they should have the youthfulness to rock their world. I mean, think about it. At 16 you are lucky if you know where to touch it to make you happy. The way it is, at 60, sure you know where to touch, but you probably have to nap in between touches.

Well, I guess we are stuck with things the way they are unless someone discovers that magical fountain of youth somewhere.

You know, there is a failure in our society. The people that think they know everything don’t listen to the people that do know everything In other words . . . If I were a young man today, I would take advantage of every opportunity to interact with the elderly.  I would seek every bit of information I could from those that had already experienced the things that I hadn’t. Sure, the elderly may not know the most recent technology, but they know life because they have lived it.

WTF, am I talking about! I was young once. I had the opportunity to learn from those that traveled my same path before me. What happened? Oh, I was young and thought I knew everything. I was smarter than my parents, my grandparents, and everyone else older than me. Because of this, I like most everyone else stumbled through my life learning as I aged. And the worst part, is they tried to teach me. No, I didn’t listen. I didn’t take the opportunity to learn when it was offered.

Do you realize that I spent probably 50% of my life making the same mistakes that those before me had made? Young people today want to leave their mark upon the world but do not realize, just as we didn’t, that you can make your mark by learning how to do things correctly before doing them the wrong way. An open mind will always provide opportunity not available to the closed mind. And, when you think you know it all, you just do not know the questions that need answer.

So, if you are a smart youngster that wants to get ahead of the game of life . . . What should you do? (If you say, “Ask my friends, they are smarter than the older people.” You can go stand at the rear of the class and wait for the bell . . .)

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