Washington landslide: Families pray for miracles as more deaths likely – CNN.com

Imagine going to your Yoga session only to return to your family and home gone . . .

Washington landslide: Families pray for miracles as more deaths likely – CNN.com


This is really a tragic story. The Washington mudslide has really caused such devastation, not only to land and homes, but to many peoples lives. And, the drama continues while rescue searchers seek to find others buried in the mud. 

Our subject story discusses the losses of a few of the people that survived the mudslide, all of the stories demonstrate families suffering an act of nature that they had no control of. But the subject video centers on a single person’s loss. She had gone to attend a Yoga session leaving her mother babysitting her 4 month old daughter. Both her mother and daughter fell victim to the mudslide and their home destroyed.

In the video the young lady appears to handle the interview well, even smiling at times. She even discusses how finding her baby’s body amid all the devastation makes her very happy. She was handed her baby when she was found and has shed only a few tears thus far. She has no idea the pain of her loss is still to come. The finding of her daughter, the ongoing rush of activity surrounding rescue efforts, and the support of friends may be helping her stay aloft presently . . . But, I hope somebody is near to catch her when she falls.

The video portrays a loving and close family. When this young lady slows down enough to feel her loss, she will feel it terribly. Both her mother and her daughter gone in a matter of seconds on the same day. This girl is going to hurt severely and I hope she has the support of others real close. Many of us have not had to deal with the death of a parent, and most of us fortunately have never had to grieve the death of one of our children. But those of us that have experienced such loss can tell you, it sucks. If you are interested in helping a friend cope with such loss and would like some tips on what to do, visit this site for some good ideas. ( http://everydaylife.globalpost.com/pain-dealing-death-relative-25614.html ) There are lots of sites that offer such information and some have good suggestions while others simply are bad information. The above link in my opinion provides the best support without causing unintentional harm.

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