Documents show regulator first proposed GM probe in 2007 – Mar. 30, 2014

We The People fail to realize the enormity of which the rich control this country . . .

Documents show regulator first proposed GM probe in 2007 – Mar. 30, 2014


Our subject story discusses automobile recalls that should have taken place many years ago, but didn’t.  Now over a million cars are set for recall. And, it is likely that General Motors is about to undergo another collapse financially as not only do they have to repair all the cars effected but they also have a number of law suits being filed against them. And, then there is the accountability for the deaths relative to the auto failures. Yes, GM is about to have a bad month or two . . .

The automotive industry pisses me off. Well, the automotive, oil, power, and a few others really. You see, the United States is controlled by these industries because we let them control us. Take for instance alternative fuel vehicles; Because the Oil Companies want to keep us dependent on their products and the Automotive Industries want to keep us dependent on their products, technology that was available years ago to create alternative fuel vehicles has been suppressed. Cars that use alternative fuels being manufactured today could have been made over 20 years ago.

Multiple industries claim to be ready to fail to receive government bailouts while screwing the people right and left. And, yet none of those involved are subject of criminal prosecution or penalty. The stability of the nations financial structure brought to it’s knees by industries that manipulate the Country’s money. People losing everything they have worked for all their lives by a con game well planned and executed, but nobody charged with criminal offense. And, the incidents are many and keep continuing to occur.

Doesn’t it seem like all the rich and powerful are meeting behind closed doors and making decisions that bring them more and more profit at the expense of the citizens of this fine country? Doesn’t it? Think about it, all of these rich folks sitting around a big table discussing the next tragedy to befall the country to make them more money. Think about it. How else does a business on the brink of failure manipulate tax dollars sufficient to not only make them solvent again, but give millions in bonuses and other expense, and still manage to exceed expectations for profit while the only suffering are individual regular Americans?

Everything, every act, every political cause, and probably much more has someone who will profit. If there is to be a loser, it will be from the lower income levels. The rich will continue getting rich and any failure they confront will only make them richer . . .


No, I have not truly gone off the deep end. Don’t you wonder if life in America today is almost like a movie in which the Country is run by corporations and we as citizens have little to say about anything? Face it, it makes for a good movie script . . .

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